Aston Martin x Brough Superior Create a Piece of Dynamic Art For The Motorbike Connoisseur

AMB 001 motorcycle by Aston Martin and Brough Superior.

AMB 001 motorcycle by @Aston Martin and @Brough Superior.

The iconic Aston Martin wings appear on a motorcycle for the first time with this exciting new collaboration between Aston Martin and Brough Superior.

“When you push something to the very edge of capacity, the resulting experience can have you breathless.” Marek Reichman EVP and Chief Creative Officer Aston Martin.

Strictly limited to just 100 motorcycles, the track-only AMB 001 represents the union of iconic Aston Martin design and state-of-the-art Brough Superior engineering to create a piece of motorbike art.

AMB 001 motorcycle by @Aston Martin and @Brough Superior.

AMB 001 body parts are fully made from carbon fiber, even when non-visible on the painted parts.

Some of the body parts are structural and are allowing weight reduction. The leather seat is handcrafted equally as luxury car interior, with high quality leather and stitching, matching with the handcrafted handlebars grips.

Derived from the AMR supercars, the Aston Martin Wings logos are made from a thin laser cut metal sheet and included in the lacquer layers for a perfect finish.

The innovative chassis aggregates the best techniques such as a CNC machined from solid backbone bolted on the V-twin engine which is a fully load-bearing chassis component, combining stiffness with lightness. Then structural carbon fiber rear sub frame and Titanium interfaces are completing this high-tech chassis.

AMB 001 motorcycle by @Aston Martin and @Brough Superior.

Wheels are machined from aluminum forgings with their exclusive AMB 001 design.

Specific brake system developed by a racing brake specialist, all the component machined from solid, ball bearing action on the radial master cylinder piston, less effort for strong braking power with a prefect feeling.


A DOHC 997cc 8-Valve 88-degree V-twin, water and oil cooled, short stroke measuring 94mm x 71.8mm, kicks out a turbo-charged 134 kW (180 hp) at just 180 kilos dry weight.

The AMB 001 represents the first Brough Superior motorcycle model to be presented with a turbo-charged engine. The powerful turbo gifts the rider with a motor that has an incredible response and huge torque over a wide range of RPM.

The variable geometry turbo is intercooled for increased efficiency and its modern low inertia turbine is specifically designed to avoid turbo lag.

AMB 001 motorcycle by @Aston Martin and @Brough Superior.

The Transmission includes an extractible 6 speed gearbox an APTC clutch, and a final chain drive.

The timing is driven by a compact short Morse chain and a gear train to ensure precision and reliability.

The engine covers are machined from a solid billet of metal.

The exhaust manifold is manufactured from Inconel, a superalloy chosen for its excellent thermal and mechanical properties.

AMB 001 motorcycle by @Aston Martin and @Brough Superior.

AMB 001 motorcycle by @Aston Martin and @Brough Superior.