Andrea Bocelli’s wines

Andrea Bocelli, Drew Barrymore, Antonio Banderas, Francis Ford Coppola, and AC/DC, all have in common the involvement in the winemaking business. The new entrant in this business is singer Andrea Bocelli.

“Please join us in celebrating the things that truly make a good life: food, friends, la famiglia – and of course, fantastic wine,” said Alberto and Andrea Bocelli.

Long before Andrea Bocelli was famous for music, the Bocelli family has been known for wine. For over 130 years, they have made classic wines on their Tuscan farm. In collaboration with Trevisiol, Bocelli made a ‘first family of Prosecco’, a sparkling wine that is a staple of everyday Italian celebration.

Made from the Prosecco grape that is indigenous to the Veneto region, this sparkling wine has subtle flower and fruit aromas that make the palate deliciously light and playful. Unlike many Champagnes, it is not harsh–rather, it tickles the throat with a peachy softness, and is flecked with minerality that remains simple in the best of ways. Perfect perlage make it the ideal choice for any occasion. Pair it with shrimp cocktail, oysters and spicy noodles.

Another new entry in the Bocelli’s wine portfolio is Sangiovese Bocelli, a bright, lush, and appealing 100% Sangiovese. With grapes hand-harvested from some of the best vineyard sites in Morellino, the fruit is deliciously ripe and smoky, with notes of marasca cherry, granite, and rhubarb compote. The finish is long and suitably dry, with admirable acidity that makes the palate taut and appealing. Pair it with penne with fresh tomatoes and basil, steak, and Parmesean cheese.