A slice of immortality: A time capsule for your DNA

The Hermetically Sealed DNA Time Capsule.

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the only form of identification that cannot be faked. DNA degenerates when you die. Your unique genetic code fades away with time. But you can halt the clock, by storing a few drops of blood. Your genetic fingerprint can be used by future generations to reveal any predispositions to disease, currently undetectable by today’s methods. But how to store securely the samples of DNA? You need a patented, triple-sealed time capsule which will hermetically seal the DNA and will keep loved one’s DNA for future genetic testing.

Dispensing with the need for long-term refrigerated storage in a lab, a chemical matrix of dissolvable compounds stabilizes DNA within a blood sample at room temperature (blood provides a higher quality and quantity of DNA than samples taken from cheek swabs), preserving the sample for over 100 years.

“DNA preservation is something anyone with any history of genetic diseases or cancer will want to consider. It is the modern photograph, a time capsule that contains vital information about a person’s ancestry that could benefit future generations,” say the inventors of the DNA time capsule.

A blood sample can be taken at your preferred medical facility or using the included kit. Once a sample is secured within the capsule, it can be stored within a home or bank lock box for decades until one’s progeny submits it for genetic analysis.