A Guide to Buying Your First Rolex


When you close that first big deal or hit your stride in your professional life and start to make a success of your business, you’ll want to make a purchase to reward yourself and have a token of your measured success. The Rolex is the perfect gift to yourself but since it can be a big purchase, buying your first Rolex should be a considered decision. If you’re getting started in horology, you might need some help. Let’s look at some of the things you should consider when it comes time to buy your first Rolex.


Consider Your Personality and the Personality of the Watch

Rolex watches are incredibly popular. The brand is synonymous with affluence and success, and you’ll want to consider what each design says about the wearer and the lifestyle each design is intended for. Chronext sells certified pre-owned designer watches, so it’s a great place to look for your first Rolex. You can take a look at these Rolex watches where there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.

For active people and those on the go, you’re spoilt for choice in the Rolex range. Models like the Submariner and Yacht-Master are some of the most iconic, and they contributed a lot to the growth of Rolex as a luxury watch brand, offering luxury and elegance in a watch designed for an active lifestyle.

While much of the Rolex range is designed to be sports and active lifestyle watches, the prevalence of wearers of the brand as a dress watch is quite high. In fact, models like the GMT Master and Oyster Perpetual lend themselves quite well as a dress watch.

Pay Attention to the Size

The first step is choosing a face that properly fits your wrist. That’s because if a watch face is too small, it will drown on your wrist and look out of place, and if it’s too big it will look unsightly and can end up being uncomfortable to wear.

Even though the trend is to increase the watch face size, if you get something too big it can end up giving the impression that you are trying to be flashy, instead of portraying a sense of style. Cases above about 41mm should be carefully considered. A good rule of thumb is to aim to have the watch cover about two-thirds of your wrist.

Material Matters

Now you’ll want to select the band and material. The classic Rolex models are stainless steel, which lends quite well to the roots of the sporty nature and design aesthetic of the Rolex brand. It will also age better and retain value better than the alternatives, like leather or gold and steel two-tone options. If you are drawn to the two-tone gold and steel look, you might consider checking vintage options, as there might be more choices available in this market.

Choosing that ultimate reward for your success in a Rolex watch should be a pleasurable experience, and if you keep these few considerations in mind and choose a watch design that you like and that fits who you are, you’ll get many, many years of pleasure and use from your first Rolex.