6 Extreme Sports All Experience Enthusiasts Need to Try



If you are all about the latest and greatest in experiences, rather than actual possessions, but feel like you have already tried everything on offer, then you have come to the right place.

You may have already driven a rally car around a world-famous circuit, been up in a hot air balloon and tasted the decadent and mouth-watering offerings from a celebrity chef, but have you tried some of the most extreme sports known to man? Or woman, of course.

If you haven’t, you are definitely missing out, and nobody wants to experience the dreaded FOMO, now do they?

From volcano surfing to paraskiing – keep reading to discover the six of the most extreme and unusual sports from across the globe that need to be seen to be believed.

TonySuit WIngsuits X3-Bird

TonySuit WIngsuits X3-Bird; @wingsuitfly.com

1. Wingsuit Flying

If you have ever dreamt of flying in the night sky and soaring like a bird high above the clouds, then wingsuit flying is about as close to this feeling as you can physically get.

This extreme sport is similar to skydiving, but you wear a special suit that features wings along the side of yourbody and between your legs, enabling you to simulate the feeling of flying. Well, basically, you are falling more slowly but you do also have the ability to guide yourself in different directions as though you were actually flying.

Some people choose to jump from a helicopter or off a base, whereas the more skilled fliers often choose to cruise near mountainsides.

Risk factor: 4/5

Fun factor: 5/5.

Extreme Sports All Experience Enthusiasts Need to Try - Stunt Scootering

Stunt Scootering; photos: @wrg2019.com/disciplines/scooter/

2. Stunt Scootering

Also known as freestyle scootering, stunt scootering is an extreme sport that involves using stunt scooters to perform a series of increasingly daring freestyle tricks. Popular with fans of BMXing, stunt scootering takes a lot of skill and bravery, particularly if you want to give the professionals a run for their money.

Moves for beginners include:

  • The Bunny Hop
  • The Fakie
  • The Nose Pivot
  • The No Footer.

However, once you have mastered the basics, there are endless possibilities to push your skills to the limit. It is important that you wear the appropriate protective gear when stunt scootering so make sure you get kitted out by Skates.co.uk, who offer a wide range of high-quality helmets, pads and other safety equipment.

Risk factor: 4/5

Fun factor: 5/5.

Extreme Sports All Experience Enthusiasts Need to Try - Freediving

photo @deeperblue.com/guide-to-freefalling-in-freediving/

3. Freediving

If you are a fan of scuba diving, then freediving is a natural progression if you fancy a slightly more extreme and thrilling experience. Basically, this extreme sport involves diving in the ocean, often quite deep, wearing just a pair of flippers. No mask or tanks are allowed.

Of course, this activity has the ability to be as extreme as you want it to be. You could dive very deep and run the risk of struggling to get back to the surface in time, as well as the added issue of the effect of the water pressure on your body as you dive deeper. Alternatively, you could choose to dive closer to the surface and still enjoy the benefits of diving unencumbered by equipment but with less personal risk involved.

Risk factor: 4/5

Fun factor: 4/5.

Extreme Sports All Experience Enthusiasts Need to Try - Volcano Boarding

photos @volcanoboard.com/

4. Volcano Surfing or Volcano Boarding

As the name suggests, this extreme sport involves getting up close and personal with a volcano, so this option is not for the fainthearted.

This extreme sport is perfect for those who love to ski or snowboard but are looking for more of a challenge. Effectively, you are surfing or boarding down a volcano, using the ash to slide down rather than snow.

As well as having to hike over a load of rock and rubble to get to your surfing destination and possibly falling offthe volcano itself, there are several other potential risks to this sport:

  • Being hit by molten lava
  • Breathing in poisonous gasses
  • Contracting histoplasmosis.

To enjoy this extreme sport without causing yourself an unnecessary injury, make sure that you wear appropriateclothing and goggles at all times, and never volcano surf alone.

Risk factor: 5/5

Fun factor: 3/5.

Extreme Sports All Experience Enthusiasts Need to Try - 5. Paraskiing

photo @sfai.org/page/ipc-paraski

5. Paraskiing

A combination of skiing and parasailing, paraskiing involves the skier wearing a parasail and then when they pick up enough speed, they are lifted off the ground and start soaring through the sky.

Depending on your preference and level of skill, some participants fly for the entire time whilst others go back and forth between sailing and skiing.

Like parasailing, paraskiing can be dangerous and should not be carried out when the wind is too strong. You should also always ensure that your harness is strapped on safely and securely to avoid injury.

Risk factor: 3/5

Fun factor: 3/5.

Extreme Sports All Experience Enthusiasts Need to Try - Base Jumping

photo @basejumper.com/

6. Base Jumping

Arguably one of the most dangerous recreational activities on offer, base jumping, or B.A.S.E jumping is parachuting from a fixed structure. You have probably seen numerous videos on YouTube of this crazy sport that seems to have rocketed in popularity almost overnight.

Similar to skydiving, but without a plane, base jumping should only be attempted by highly trained and highly fit athletes. Some base jumpers wear a wingsuit, which allows them to slow down their descent and also be able to maneuver around any dangers like jagged mountain edges.

There have been numerous reported fatalities associated with this extreme sport, so proceed with caution.
Places that base jumpers choose to jump from include:

  • Bridges
  • Buildings
  • Cliffs
  • Other manmade structures.

However, there are also several famous places across the globe that base jumpers love to flock to for an unparalleled extreme experience:

  • Troll Wall in Norway
  • The Perrine Bridge in Idaho, U.S
  • Angel Falls in Venezuela
  • The Kuala Lumpur Tower in Malaysia
  • Meru Peak in India – the site of one of the highest ever recorded base jump.Risk factor: 5/5
    Fun factor: 3/5

Hopefully the above has inspired you to try an extreme sport for yourself. Whether you want a truly original experience, want to push yourself to the limit or even if you simply want to impress your family and friends, there is definitely room for extreme sports in everyone’s lives.

Do you dare to take the risk?

Extreme Sports All Experience Enthusiasts Need to Try - Base Jumping 2

photo @basejumper.com/