59’ Tirranna: Perhaps Cigarette Racing’s finest composition yet


Cigarette Racing 59’ Tirranna luxury boat; @Cigarette Racing

Poltrona Frau on the crest of a wave with Cigarette Racing, the world champion racing team defining performance boating since 1969.

The know-how, the innate elegance and the passion for new challenges, led Italian luxury furniture maker Poltrona Frau to array the interiors of the powerful Tirranna 59’ boat by Cigarette Racing.

Cigarette Racing, the renowned American leader in the luxury offshore industry, collaborating with Italian Architect and Designer Giorgio Cassetta (the 2019 World Superyatch Award winner), created a luxurious boat which is an unconventional marriage of strength and style.

59 feet long, the boat features 6 engines reaching 2.700hp and a 65 knots maximum speed. Tirranna 59’ boat is the
ultimate ascendancy over the conventional, the mundane, the uninspired – it champions singularity in all aspects of
life and represents boundless possibility.

In this context Poltrona Frau enters the scene, after a throughout research on high performance shapes and materials, dressing the Tirranna ’59 interiors using its best savoir faire.

The special Pelle Frau guarantees that unmatchable aesthetical, tactile, and durable qualities of the matter resonate in the boat’s inner spaces. Meeting the higher quality standards, adding refined details and performances, Poltrona Frau Custom Interiors brings the design by Giorgio M. Cassetta to life, with customized and tailored products that ensure each boat’s unicity.

Cigarette Racing 59’ Tirranna luxury boat; @Cigarette Racing

Seven plush forward facing seats rest behind the helm.

The cockpit area displays seven seats: pilot, co-pilot and second row passengers. The helm and co-driver seats are shifted forward for extra visibility, while the second-row of seating is staggered from the first row to allow second-row passengers great forward visibility. All seating may be flipped upward to allow for a standing, bolstered, position.

Fully upholstered in premium bovine leather from world-famous Italian leathership, Poltrona Frau, the cabin is the perfect retreat from the sun or for that afternoon nap. The cabin includes accoutrements such as, cabinetry with pop-up TV, a full-size California king bed, a sculpted leather sofa that becomes an extra bed, large glazings that align with the hullside windows allowing natural daylight to flood the space and, of course, air conditioning to keep those hot days cool and comfortable.

Ready for a nap? Take a break on the Poltrona Frau bed, with the area of a full-size California king sized bed.
Charge your phone and place a drink the the cubbies on either side of the bed, complete with reading lights.

Skillfully engineered to provide a low center of gravity for increased performance and comfort without compromising a beautiful design aesthetic, the Cigarette signature four-pillar, all carbon-fiber hardtop features an 8′ wide, double-curvature, frameless tempered safety glass windscreen offering exceptional wind protection. Integrated flood lights, boarding handrails, full-spectrum ambient lighting, skylights, windshield wiper with cleaning system and electrically actuated sun shade prove that the demands of occupant comfort can be bridged with beautiful design.

Cigarette Racing 59’ Tirranna luxury boat; @Cigarette Racing


Taking a break on a windy day? The Tirranna features a SeaKeeper 9 gyrostabilizer that eliminates boat roll with the press of a button. To counteract boat roll, the SeaKeeper produces a powerful gyroscopic torque to port and starboard.

Aft Lounge

A boat like the Tirranna calls for the need to entertain. Aft forward and rear facing seats electronically extends to form an oversized sun lounge for the ultimate mix of comfort and style. An electronically actuated sun shade extends and contracts over the aft conversational area for added comfort. make this a pronounced and puristic center console. Aft seating incorporates convenient in-seat storage and floor storage solutions for ease of use and peace of mind.

Front Conversational Area

Entertain or relax in the bow lounge area, with a plethora of seating, lounge space, storage, cooler space and trash. The pyramid shaped multi-functional backrests allows forward sofas to be used as lounge seats, with plush headrests for added comfort.

Cigarette Racing relies on the leader in the industry, JL Audio Marine, to meet the client’s pressing demand for the perfect, audiophile quality systems that can withstand the rigors of the sea, wind and open throttle. The sound systems are tested in each model to ensure it is appropriate to the boat size and seating configuration to compliment precise and authentic playback of any music genre.

Cigarette Racing 59’ Tirranna luxury boat; @Cigarette Racing