5 Ways to Maintain a Successful Business in 2022

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Following the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are having to think carefully about surviving in this new era of uncertainty and economic change.

In order to create and maintain success, you need to be increasingly savvy about your plans for recruitment and expansion, as well as maintaining your reputation within the market share of your business.

If you want to maintain a high-quality business that will thrive with the changing world, here are 5 tips to help you succeed.

1. Look into Hybrid or Remote Working

There is no denying that the pandemic has forever changed the way that the world does business.

As a result, increasing numbers of office-based employees are now working on a remote or hybrid business model.

This method carries several advantages; you may be able to downsize your office and reduce the overhead running costs of any space that you do continue to use.

It may also result in happier and more productive employees. The Office for National Statistics in the UK has shown that 42% of employees who worked from home in 2020 would continue to follow a hybrid working model as of 2022.

2. Upgrade your Recruitment

In this largely virtual world we now live in, it makes sense to update your recruitment policies to reflect the increasing reliance on technology in the office.

Maximise your ability to recruit the best talent for your company, while reducing the time-consuming nature of trawling through endless CVs and applications with companies such as Oleeo.

Oleeo works using artificial intelligence to create reports, reduce bias, and make your recruitment more time efficient by using artificial intelligence.

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3. Make Your Office Space Client-Friendly!

Your office is often the first impression that clients have of your business, especially if they attend for an in-house meeting.

Take the little things that matter into consideration, such as chairs that are comfortable, tasteful decoration, and up to date technology.

If you are thinking of re-designing your office space, online tools such as RoomSketcher offer the ability to design your space online and see it in 3D.

4. Implement a Clear Desk Policy

Implementing a clear desk policy has several advantages. It can prevent sensitive information from being lost, but it can also impact positively on employee productivity by reducing distractions.

You may wish to invest in some useful under-desk storage such as cabinets, cupboards and trays to encourage good filing habits, and jazz up your storage facilities.


5. Watch your competition

Competition is everything in business. Make sure you keep up to date with your competing companies and their actions so you can stay one step ahead.

You may want to invest time in monitoring social media to check on projects that competitors are working on. Networking at events also works well for keeping tabs on the current affairs in the business world.

Do you have any tips for creating a thriving, high quality business? Let us know in a message!