5 Stunning Caribbean Beaches to Discover by Superyacht

The powdery shores of the Caribbean have long conjured up the perfect vision of paradise. Long stretches of pale sands lapped by azure waters, groves of palm trees and emerald hills framing the backdrop, and the wild scent of island rum blending with wildflowers and salt air combine to create Eden on Earth.

The beaches are one of the major reasons as to why the Caribbean is such a sought after superyacht destination especially when the cold weather starts to trickle into the west.

Captain Sputh has long been chartering first-class guests to the soft lit shores of the Caribbean aboard his luxury superyacht charter – the Starfire. With its outstanding facilities, inspiring and decadent décor and attentive crew ready at any given moment to shake you that martini or fetch you that fresh towel, you can truly experience paradise.

Take a special glance at five of the most exceptional beaches to discover when sailing the shores of the Caribbean and start searching for an idyllic piece of paradise to call your own.

Trunk Bay, St John

This startling stretch of silky sands and rich waters shimmering in every hue of blue remains one of the most beloved beaches in the whole world. Picture perfect at every turn; you can soak up pristine beauty and utter relaxation in this USVI national park spot. Flanked by virginal green forests and with the charming view of white sails billowing on the horizon, this is a dream destination for exploring the underwater coral trail or simply kicking back with a rum cocktail in hand.

The Baths, British Virgin Islands

For coastal drama with a hint of magic, you cannot beat the aura of The Baths perched on the tip of the Virgin Gouda. Upon the pale sands, great carved boulders sit undisturbed by the gentle surf. The cavernous rocks can be explored through handrails and ropes, and the collection of rock pools is fascinating to behold as they are brimming with exotic marine life.
Spend the day adventuring the rocks or stretched out on the sands amidst a breath-taking natural environment.

Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

Imagine touching down to the image of flamingo pink sands backed by tropical grounds on one side and the expanse of turquoise blue on the other. The iconic beach and resort perched prettily on Harbor Island is exquisite and always welcomes exclusive guests to bask in the beauty of their shores. Bone fishing, reef diving, snorkeling the shallows – are a few activities on offer or you can indulge in fresh lobster and champagne cocktails at the Blue Bar.

Palominos Island, Puerto Rico

The private stretch of floury sand, Pina Coladas and exotic blue waters are waiting to embrace you at this 100 acre tropical and exclusive resort. Special guests can spend the day immersed in sheer bliss and spectacular beauty in this secret piece of Puerto Rican paradise. With endless water sports, flowing cocktails, and even horseback riding along the lagoon, this shore break will make you feel as though heaven truly is on earth at Palominos Island.

Englishman’s Bay, Tobago

The hidden gem of Englishman’s Bay still holds a wild and free feel along the shores. With miles of thick emerald forest flanking the bay, a crescent curve of apricot colored sands and rolling blue waters makes for a colorful entrance. The cries of exotic birds, the white capped waves and the complete seclusion make this a Tobago island getaway that cannot be beaten.

The Starfire can take you off the beaten track, away from the crowds and to find the eighth wonder of the natural world. Whether you want sun-soaked shores of fun or something remote and hard to find, let Captain Sputh and his crew show you another side of paradise.