4 Problems You’ll Face When Buying Jewelry



Whether you want to buy jewelry for yourself, a friend, a lover, or you want something for a special occasion, buying jewelry isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. You might run into a few problems. To help you overcome and prepare for those problems, here are a few that you might run into.

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1. Overspending

It is extremely easy to spend too much at a jewelry store. You might walk in only looking for a pair of earrings. When you walk out, you have a necklace, a new ring, and a bracelet being customized just for you. The earrings were forgotten. To help overcome this problem, you should always go in with a budget in mind.

You can be relaxed about the budget, but you should go in with a range. Not only does this help limit your choices, but it also ensures that you don’t walk out of the store with an empty wallet. If you need some serious control over your budget, then only bring in a certain amount of cash. For card users, transfer money from your checking into your savings. The amount that you leave in your checking should be the top of your budget. In this way, you’re only allowing yourself to buy within a certain range.

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2. Not Understanding Diamonds

If you want to get a diamond, then you should understand diamonds first. A lot goes into a diamond beside it just looking pretty. You may want to know if the store has lab grown diamond jewelry or natural diamonds. That information can influence the price of the diamonds that you’re looking at.

It’s also important to know the cuts. While casual customers think of cuts as the shape of the diamond, those are who are more savvy know that the cut can influence the grade of the diamond. Some cuts invoke higher grades because they allow more light within the diamond.

Perhaps you have an idea for a jewelry piece that you want to be created by the store. They might ask you what cut you want the diamond to be. Instead of staring at them clueless, you should research the different kinds of diamond cuts. The shape is important, but if you’re also focused on receiving the best grade possible, then you might not want them to tamper with the diamond too much.

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3. Don’t Just Buy Online

While shopping online can be a great convenience, it’s not always the best practice for buying jewelry. Unlike clothing, which can be easily returned if it doesn’t fit, jewelry can be a bit riskier to send back to the store. That and some stores don’t offer refunds or returns for their jewelry. If you don’t like how the piece looks on you, then you’re out of luck.

You could have avoided that situation by going to the store in-person. Try on the jewelry first. See how it looks on your person. If you want to wear a specific outfit with the jewelry, then go to the store in that outfit. You can try it on and see if it looks as great on you as it does in its pictures.

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4. Lack of Certificate

If you happen to love a diamond but the seller doesn’t have a certificate for it, then you shouldn’t buy the diamond. Or, at the very least, you shouldn’t take the diamond at the price point it’s given. All credible jewelers will have certificates for their diamonds. These are letters that prove its grade given by a reputable institute.

When a jeweler doesn’t have a certificate, then that means the diamond has not been graded by a credible institute. If the diamond is a high price, then it could be a scam. You should avoid paying for that diamond and stick with those that do have certificates.

It’s also important to keep an eye on the institute that is associated with the certificate. Unless the institute
is well-known, the certificate could have been issued by a phony institute.

Shop Wisely

Perhaps the biggest problem you’ll face when shopping for jewelry is that you’ll never want to stop. These four other problems you can overcome with preparation and knowledge.