4 Benefits of Serviced Apartments for an Extended Stay in Belfast



Extended Stay in Belfast

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Although an extended stay in Belfast is especially thrilling around the holidays or in March when all the local pubs are featuring St. Patrick’s Day parades and pints, this is one city which everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. Why not make it an extended stay, so you can see why Northern Ireland is considered one of the loveliest places on earth while having an amazingly fast-growing economy. If you are going to spend an extended stay in the UK, Belfast is highly recommended and here are just four of the benefits of staying in a serviced apartment.


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1. Concierge and Housekeeping

Are you looking for a dream holiday in Belfast? Why not check out dream apartments at, fittingly enough, the https://dreamapartments.co.uk/ website. These apartments offer concierge and housekeeping services so that you always have just what you need when you need it. The concierge can help you find your way around while making recommendations on where to go. The services housekeeping offers are self-explanatory, but suffice it to say, you won’t waste time tidying up with this service available. Get out and see the sights!

2. Fully Stocked Housewares

You won’t want to eat all your meals out, so a serviced apartment is ideal. The kitchen is fully stocked with everything you’ll need to prepare a meal and there are even washers and tumble driers on site so that you won’t need to venture out to do some laundry. Even irons are available, so you’ll have everything on hand as you need it.

3. Television, Internet, DVD & More

Whether your extended stay in Belfast is for work or pleasure, you’ll want to be able to watch a bit of telly or go online to keep up with your social sites like Facebook and Pinterest. In fact, Instagram is going to be huge because you’ll certainly want to share all those amazing photos you’ve taken so that your friends and family can see where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Internet access is an absolute must!

4. Dog-Friendly Accommodations

When going on an extended visit to another country or city, you’ll certainly want to bring your BFF along. That would be your dog! How many times have you had a miserable time away from home because you couldn’t find suitable accommodations that accepted pets at a reasonable cost? Serviced apartments like Dream Apartments mentioned above are dog-friendly and will even have all the information you need to visit local dog walks and parks.

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There is nothing quite as frustrating as getting to a city, only to find that you are totally lost when it comes to things to do, things to see, and places to eat. Serviced apartments with amazing concierge services can help you enjoy your stay without the worries of knowing nobody or anything about local customs. If you are going to book an extended stay, the next best thing to being at home is a serviced apartment and Belfast has the best of the best. These four benefits say it all.



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