2022 Sleep Awareness Week: This Sleep Ritual Massage helps induce a complete state of relaxation and sleep readiness

photos @Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort

With so much to see and do in the action-packed, vibrant destination of Orlando, rest time and actual quality sleep is often not made a priority. For 2022 Sleep Awareness Week, a signature treatment offered at The Spa at Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort was specifically designed to help Resort guests and spa patrons incorporate relaxation into their routine, aiding in achieving a restful night’s sleep.  The Spa’s signature Sleep Ritual Massage helps induce a complete state of relaxation and sleep readiness, and includes a home care kit to assist with achieving the ideal sleep at home, night after night.

Launched in 1998, Sleep Awareness Week is The National Sleep Foundation’s (NSF) national public education campaign that celebrates sleep health and encourages the public to prioritize sleep to improve health and well-being. The campaign commences with the beginning of Daylight Saving Time. NSF provides valuable information during Sleep Awareness Week about the benefits of optimal sleep and how sleep affects health, well-being, and safety. NSF also releases its annual Sleep in America® Poll results on the public’s beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors about a sleep-related topic.

Derek Hofmann, Senior Director of Spa at Four Seasons Resort Orlando, notes Sleep Awareness Week is a good reminder for everyone to better understand the importance of creating an environment for quality sleep.

“We know that with today’s hectic lifestyle and frequent screen time, sleep is often put on the backburner,” says Hofmann.  “The Spa’s ultra-relaxing treatments can be truly transformative.”

photos @Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort

The Sleep Ritual Massage was developed in partnership with Robert Michael deStefano, sleep wellness expert and co-founder of wellness company Longeva.  The custom treatment incorporates breathing techniques that focus on seven specific somatic zones, plus a combination of sleep-inducing botanical scents and touch therapies that are designed to be ultra-relaxing, eliminating stress and tension and creating the perfect state of sleep readiness. The 80-minute massage treatment, USD 360, is guided by dreamy relaxation music and sleep-inducing aromas, and is a combination of “a stress detox and luxury escape,” says deStefano. “The treatment is a potential game-changer for parents, grandparents and anyone else who is not satisfied with their sleep.”

The Ayurvedic Healing Massage includes a steady stream of warmed oil on the third eye chakra in the centre of the forehead, to calm and soothe the nervous system and aid with headaches, stress, and sleep readiness. With vibrations from Himalayan singing bowls placed around one’s body, the peaceful sounds from the Vibrational Sound Therapy treatment are deeply relaxing and restorative, also aiding in a restful night’s sleep. To complement the Sleep Ritual Massage, Hofmann recommends adding the Essential Sleep Drip. This Vitality Drip treatment, an intravenous infusion administered by a registered nurse in collaboration with Dr. Olga Ivanov, includes B complex vitamins and minerals including magnesium, zinc and selenium, to help optimise the body’s natural hormone balance and promote deep, restorative sleep.

For Sleep Awareness Week, The Spa is offering a special enhancement for those who reserve one of four treatments designed to aid in relaxation and sleep. In addition to the Sleep Ritual Massage, The Spa offers the following treatments that heighten one’s state of relaxation and prepare oneself for the ultimate slumber: the Ayurvedic Healing Massage, Vibrational Sound Therapy treatment, and Essential Sleep Vitality Drip. From March 13 to 19, 2022, guests who experience these treatments will receive a complimentary “Relax” intramuscular shot, plus a NiteNite botanical homecare patch, featuring 15 milligrams of premium hemp with 3 milligrams of melatonin. Treatments range from USD 225 to USD 380.

photos @Four Seasons 

photos @Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort