2022 offers more tennis playing opportunities compared with pre-pandemic levels. ITF World Tennis Tour Set To Offer Over 1000 Events



ITF World Tennis Tour Set To Offer Over 1000 Events in 2022.

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The International Tennis Federation (“ITF”) published the ITF World Tennis Tour (“World Tennis Tour”) calendar for the first quarter (“Q1”) 2022 and is set to provide over 1000 tennis events over the course of next year. The first quarter calendar in 2022 will offer 204 tournaments, 102 events for both the men and the women’s tour, representing a 50% increase against Q1 2021 and a 7% increase on Q1 2019 – despite restrictions affecting many ITF-hosting countries.

Jackie Nesbitt, Senior Executive Director, Tours and Player Pathway said, “The ITF World Tennis Tour typically provides over 1000 tournaments globally each year, and we are on track to deliver over and above this volume in 2022. The response and commitment of our national associations and tournament organisers speak to the robustness of the World Tennis Tour with tournaments set to take place in 80 countries, providing more than 65,000 playing opportunities, and over 80,000 matches for fans to enjoy over the course of next year’s tennis season.”

In 2021, 763 ITF World Tennis Tour tournaments will have been held despite the continued challenges due to COVID-19. The ability to host tournaments has been significantly affected by the global health situation, economic impact, international travel constraints, and the need to ensure a safe environment for all involved with strict health, safety, and integrity measures in place at all events. Although disruptions continue due to the pandemic, the number of tournaments taking place at the end of this year are at 90% capacity compared to the same period in 2019, as the World Tennis Tour begins to return to pre-COVID levels.

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ITF president and IOC member, Dave Haggerty commented, “Nations are excited about the return to tennis and in a number of cases planning more activity than prior to the pandemic. While we must remain cautious, we can begin to plan further ahead. National Associations worked hard in 2021 to deliver strong calendars for both junior and emerging professional players, despite huge challenges.”

“The World Tennis Tour and Juniors form the main artery of the talent pathway and future of our sport. We always strive to continually improve the system, for example, we are working with nations to increase the number of $60,000-$100,000 tournaments for women both in Q1 and across the year. World Tennis Tour plays a vital role for talented athletes who have the ambition, ability, and determination to make it to the top of the game, no matter which country they are from.”

The ITF World Tennis Tour offered $24.3million in prize money in 2019. The number of $25,000 tournaments have increased from 52 in 2019 to 70 in 2021 (44 for women and 26 for men).

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Patrick Mouratoglou, The World’s Most Influential Tennis Coach, Partners With HALO Hydration

The most influential coach in the world of tennis joins an elite roster of professional athletes, celebrities and prominent investors respected and admired worldwide in HALO Hydration’s mission to revolutionize the hydration industry with its better-for-you, low-sugar hydration innovation.

Patrick Mouratoglou, long-time coach of tennis legend Serena Williams, mentor of ATP No.3 Stefanos Tsitispas and WTA No. 23 Coco Gauff, and Founder and Chair of the Mouratoglou Academy, the world’s No.1 tennis academy, announced his investment and partnership with HALO Hydration, a next generation creator of the best-tasting, best-for-you, electrolyte drink mix.

Patrick, amiably nicknamed “The Coach,” has been a long-time advocate of the importance of healthy hydration as a key part of training and recovery and will support HALO Hydration as a Global Ambassador as HALO continues to disrupt the hydration industry. Demonstrating his commitment to the platform, HALO Hydration will be the preferred hydration supplement at the Mouratoglou Academy in Nice, France, as well as Mouratoglou Tennis Centers around the world (Dubai, Costa Navarino). Each powder sachet contains only 15 calories, only 1g of sugar, and is filled with naturally-sourced electrolytes, 72 bioavailable trace minerals from The Great Salt Lake, essential vitamins (including a healthy dose of Vitamin C for immunity), and other powerful immune boosters.

As part of its Hydration platform roll-out, HALO launched its latest product– premium and great- tasting electrolyte powders, in July 2021, and is building robust DTC and wholesale businesses in the US and Europe. Last month, HALO commenced a system-wide rollout at US retail and online giant Walmart.

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International Tennis Legend and Former World No. 1 Tennis Player Chris Evert Partners with Regener-Eyes

Discomfort and eye irritation can be common for athletes. Chris Evert has joined forces with Regener-Eyes to spread awareness of their first-in-class biologic eye drop. Regener-Eyes is an ophthalmic solution that aids in supporting eye lubrication for people experiencing eye discomfort or irritation. Evert views her partnership with Regener-Eyes as an opportunity to help athletes of all ages understand the benefits of this ophthalmic solution.

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Universal Tennis Launches Free Mobile App – A game changer within the tennis community

Universal Tennis has launched a free Universal Tennis app, which makes it easier than ever to find hitting partners and matches, organize casual play with friends, register for events and leagues, access stats, follow players, results, and much more.

Upon opening the app, players will be greeted by their personalized home feed, which synthesizes all their upcoming playing opportunities.

The app also offers new headache-free ways to create and organize play. Users can pick a game format tailored to the way they want to play. The app also solves for endless group texts and the hassle of figuring out who is playing when with Player Groups.

Player Groups are a convenient way to connect with and manage communication with players when scheduling tennis. Player Group features will expand over time, eliminating the struggle of corralling players across various messaging apps or social media platforms.

With the launch, Universal Tennis also introduces a disruptive new marketplace: Paid Hits. Paid Hits is a service pairing elite players and coaches with players looking to improve their game. Hundreds of paid hitters across the U.S. are ready for sessions, including NCAA champions and current and former ATP and WTA Top 100 players.

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