1.618 Are you part of this New Luxury World ?

How Your Brand Can Lead the New World of Luxury ?
Le nouveau code du luxe

Luxury Code

From March 29th to April 1st, you are invited to join us to the new edition of 1.618, Sustainable Luxury in Paris, at  the “Cité de la Mode et du Design”.

The world changed, and consumer attitude is changing faster than industries and brands. Therefore media, event organisers, opinion leaders have to be creative and invent new challenges to encourage companies to change fast to keep their clients and stay leader of their industry. As consumer are already embracing this new world; new enterprises, small structures, are reacting faster than multinationals.  It is more easy to create new companies adapted to this new world that to adapt old companies to this new world even if all the regulation were made for the old companies and still have to be changed in the EU.
Everyone is understanding more and more the need to respect environment but also people health. I met people leaving cosmetic companies because they did not want to take the responsibility of harming people health in selling dangerous products for human health, products that can damage the earth, the air…
Everyone is more and more feeling responsible.
Barbara Coignet and her team decided two years ago to develop an event to promote awakening amongst industry leaders, brands managers and to award new incentives, new sustainable brands and old brands taking action to change, in response to consumer need.
What is the Meaning of 1,618 ?
1,618 is called the Golden Number, the number for universal harmony, the perfect number for creation. The name 1.618 – known as the Golden Ratio – has captured the imagination since the Renaissance. It is a symbol used in music, art, architecture, and economics, and found in nature.
It is a symbol of universal harmony, it reminds us daily of what we are trying to achieve.
Used to conceived everything in the nature including us, this magic number is find everywhere your eyes meet beauty, but today if this is used to create visual perfection, it will not be enough anymore as we have completely modify the material used in our creation.
We left nature to replace it by a chemical reproduction of nature, a man creation without any respect of nature and everything related to nature, human, air, environment… A chemical world based on financial profit only.
If 1.618 made that your eyes could not leave the beauty of the Joconde created by Leonardo Da Vinci, today, we need more than this visual harmony.
We need a New luxury code. A code to add value to your brand, a code to make you a brand of the future.
It is up to you to show to the world  that you are part of this new world !
Follow us and meet us for the opening of the Sustainable Development Week in Paris.
1.618 in Paris- March 29th-April 1st 2012
Cité de la Mode et du Design.
Submit your brand to creezy@2luxury2.com