Winter Fashion Must-Haves: Personalized Leather Apple Watch Band & Other Accessories

As the months get cold, the clothes one has to wear gradually becomes overwhelming. You have to accommodate for the decrease in temperature constantly, so staying warm becomes a priority which translates to wearing more articles of clothing.

Saffiano Leather Band in Sapphire

Saffiano Leather Band in Sapphire; photo:

Keeping yourself warm from head to toe leaves with countless fashion accessory options that vary from gloves, watches, hats, and scarves. When that seasonal depression hits and you suddenly feel uninspired to expand your winter fashion wardrobe, the best way to give yourself a creative high is to purchase an accessory.

It can be anything from a pair of gloves in an extremely bright color to an elegant personalized leather Apple watch band. The technological innovations in the last decade have given consumers freedom regarding what they can wear in the winter time.

Some brands have come up with fabrics that come built with the ability to generate heat, which comes in handy during these in coming months. Brands such as Apple have gone out of its way to incorporate smartphone technology into everyday accessories such as watches.

Continue reading for a detailed look at two of the must-have winter accessories that range from a personalized leather Apple watch band to giant scarves.

Must-Have Winter Accessories

Brown Nut Leather Apple Watch Band

Brown Nut Leather Apple Watch Band; photo:


applewatchhermes-double wrap-colorful

Apple Watch Hermès; photo:

– Personalized Leather Apple Watch Band

Apple was expected to sell approximately 20 million watches at the end of the September financial quarter, so it’s no surprise to see it become a must-have winter accessory. This is one of the more recent Apple products that has gradually caught the average consumer’s eye for being a practical and fashionable item.

You can easily make a fashion statement with your Apple watch due to the customizable aspects of the product. For instance, you can interchange the bands of the watch so it can match your outfit. Fashion experts recommend matching your oversized winter coat with the band on your Apple watch to give yourself a well-thought-out look.

Out of all the different watch band materials to choose from, such as fluoroelastomer, stainless steel, and nylon weave, the one that buyers seem to prefer are the elegant leather versions.

By personalizing your apple watch bands with leather, you would be making a fashion-forward statement.

burberry oversized check poncho 2018-2019


alexander mcqueen Wool-jacquard scarf

Alexander_McQueen Wool Jacquard Scarf; photo:

– Giant Scarves

Remember that comfort triumphs any feature you’ll find in a winter accessory, which is why giant scarves are here to stay.
The trick is to purchase a scarf big enough that is can simultaneously function as a blanket.

The wide range of fabric used to manufacture giant scarves enhances its versatile nature. A silk fabric for the summer and a wool one for the winter are some of the many fabric choices available.

Since they’re commonly found in bold prints and colors, it won’t prove to be hard to add a splash of color to bring a bit of life to your bland winter coat.


Dressing up according to your own style is effortless with items such as a personalized leather apple watch band or monogrammed gloves. The more control you have over the details of an accessory, the more confident you’ll feel wearing something new.

If you’re brainstorming gift ideas for the upcoming holidays, it would be wise for you to consider purchasing one of the two recommendations.


applewatchhermes-double wrap