What Are the Best Conditions for Players in a Japanese Online Casino?

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Different countries or different cultures view gambling in different ways. While some see it as harmless entertainment, or as a great boon for the economy, others consider it as a bad habit and don’t like the idea of gambling. You can argue that it is connected to living standards, Canada, Australia, and Denmark have quite liberal gambling laws and lots of people who love to play casino games or place bets. Really, the only issue that everyone agrees on is kids being exposed to this content, as they are not mature enough to grasp possible consequences.

In countries with higher poverty rates or simply places where people don’t have as much disposable income, gambling is frowned upon. However, that’s not necessarily the case everywhere. Japan is a wealthy country, and yet they have strict gambling laws. To that end, we will go over their legal landscape and give suggestions on the best conditions for Japanese players to enjoy online casinos.

Japan and Casinos

If you are a Japanese citizen who wants to play casino games, you will have to visit another country and play there as a tourist. Playing casino games in Japan is punishable by law, and it is of course illegal. If someone is hosting these games they can face serious jail time, and there are only a few gambling activities that are considered legal. You can have a sort of a game where you don’t win money but other valuable prizes. These are called Pachinko machines and they are very popular in Japan, it’s basically their version of slots. Now, there is a way to enjoy real casino games even if you are in Japan, and that’s through online casinos.

Online Casinos in Japan

Online casinos are played all over the world, and countries have the right to allow them or ban them. Japan does allow foreign operators to offer their games to Japanese people, but they need to be licensed platforms. You can go over the japanese online casino 2022 sites and you will see that all of them are regulated and incorporated in different countries. Since regulators are strict and impose all sorts of restrictions that promote more responsible behavior, the Japanese government is okay with these sites.

That being said, you cannot offer online casino games in your establishment. If you have PCs that are connected to the internet, and one of your guests decides to play, then there will be legal consequences. Also, you really need to consider the circumstances before you decide to play. Just because it’s not illegal clearly doesn’t mean you can’t get into trouble in some cases. So, let’s see how you should approach this if you wish to play online casino games in Japan.

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Best Conditions for Players

Here is a short overview of the best conditions for online gambling in Japan.

  • Do it in a private setting, preferably your home
  • Use VPN, although it’s not necessary
  • Play on a licensed platform
  • Examine the available bonuses
  • Go for operators with big game libraries

The first two suggestions are only security measures, as they will help you feel safer in case you are having doubts about gambling here. That being said, no one really got into trouble by playing these games from home all alone.

Licensed Operator

This is really to ensure that you can get the money you win. A licensed operator is held accountable by regulators, and they want to avoid scenarios where users can call them scammers. It’s simply bad for business so they won’t try to harm you. Also, see if their site or app is available in Japanese and if it accepts Yen as currency, this would be ideal.

Player Bonuses

You can create accounts on multiple sites, and claim more bonuses that you can use to gamble online. This is one of the best perks when it comes to online casinos. However, remember to read terms and conditions and pay close attention to wagering requirements. This is why having a site that is in Japanese will be helpful. You can see just how much you need to pay in case you win using these bonuses, and the operator will likely have payment options that are compatible with your cards and e-wallets.

More Games

Finally, always go for a bigger game selection. You are more likely to find additional games when you get bored, and there are more options for progressive jackpots if you wish to score big. Furthermore, you can find those sites that have poker rooms, which will allow you to play against other players, rather than against the casino. Poker is one of the few games where you can get better and even turn into a professional.


Even with all of the restrictions, it’s still possible to enjoy casino games in Japan. If this wasn’t the case casino sites wouldn’t waste their time trying to adapt their content to this region. All you need to do is make sure you are playing in private. It’s also important that you have an account with a legitimate provider who has lots of bonuses and games that you can play. If you have that then you truly are in an ideal online environment. Finally, remember to play responsibly, and remember to read the terms and conditions in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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