The ultimate hypercar: Tushek TS900 Apex debuts new electric drive system

Tushek TS 900 Apex global public debut for orders of the lightest hybrid hypercar at 2022 @Salon Privé London;

Tushek TS 900 Apex global public debut for orders of the lightest hybrid hypercar at 2022 Salon Privé London.

The updated model of the Tushek TS900 Apex hypercar made its global public debut at the inaugural Salon Privé London, 21-23 April, as the hypercar manufacturer opens orders for its revolutionary hybrid model.

An advanced evolution of the cars previously seen, and the lightest hybrid hypercar on the market, the Tushek TS900 Apex employs a new and patented electric drive system. Achieving perfect parity, the luxury car possesses a power-to-weight ratio of one metric horsepower to one kilogram of mass (1:1). A landmark achievement, Tushek joins an elite handful of vaunted marques to have achieved such an engineering breakthrough.

With extensive research, testing and radical approaches, stemming from founder Aljoša Tushek’s unique racing experience, the company’s engineering team developed the Tushek Direct Electric Drive (TDED). The world’s highest power density drivetrain, TDED utilises aviation derived electric drive technologies, combined with a high-performance ICU, to produce a total combined output of over 1350 hp in a vehicle weighing under 1350 kg.

The first orders for the hyper exclusive model, limited to a production run of just 36 vehicles, were taken at Salon Privé London.
The car company also unveiled the next stage of its journey with the TS 900 RacerPro – a track-only model limited to just 12 examples, it boasts an astonishing power to weight ratio of 1.13:1.

“We’re privileged to have the Tushek TS900 Apex at Salon Privé London as the company allows potential customers to see the updated car themselves for the first time,” said Director David Bagley. “Those following the company’s journey will realise the magnitude of what’s been achieved in completing a car with this level of performance making the TS900 Apex an absolute must-see at our inaugural event.”

Tushek TS 900 Apex hypercar;

Founded in 2008 by Aljoša Tushek, the Slovenian racing champion, the company retains a commitment to its unique design language and creating the perfect balance of form and function for extraordinary performance.

Manufacturing exclusive, limited series, high-performance hypercars and innovative drivetrain technologies, Tushek has spent 14 years developing the knowledge and resources required to bring the ground-breaking TS900 Apex to fruition. Its patented technology is now expected to be deployed in areas away from the car itself, including e-mobility concepts and other industries.

As the world’s lightest hybrid hypercar the Tushek TS900 Apex is a revolution, showcasing the real-world application of break-through technologies. Creating new driving dimensions, made possible by the company’s patented hyper-hybrid technology, customers intuit an absolute connection with the car and the surface of the road. Shortening reaction time, and giving the feeling of absolute control, they enjoy the confidence to hit the next apex with both speed and precision.

With a limited production run of just 36 examples of the TS900 Apex, every customer will enjoy a deeper bond thanks to the high degree of personalisation options available. These will be available to explore at Salon Privé London, with the Tushek team on hand to talk buyers through the technology and the how each example can be honed to their preference.

“As a company and as a brand centred on perfection, we are constantly innovating to ensure our customers get what they pay for on the road and on the track,’ said Chief Commercial Officer of Tushek, Dragos Gheorghiu. ‘Buying a Tushek is more than just a singular experience, it’s something that you will remember for the rest of your life, and we wanted to wait until the car’s engineering was complete to ensure owners would know exactly what they were investing in.”

As befitting Salon Privé’s status as one of the world’s most prestigious automotive events, eight cars made their global, European or UK debut at Royal Hospital Chelsea. The very latest models from the likes of Alpine, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Genesis, Lamborghini, Pininfarina, Porsche and Rolls-Royce were on display alongside Morgan Motor Company, as well as the latest machinery from Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycles. These were joined by British specialists Charge Cars, Caton, Everrati, Jensen Automotive and Overfinch, with a line-up that covers everything from reimagined classics to next-generation hypercars and EVs.