Tuono 660 naked bike: Aprilia’s first mid-size sport motorcycle


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A single motorcycle for total fun, from everyday life to sport.

The Tuono 660 Concept by Italian motorcycle manufacturer Aprilia fully expresses the new concept of sporting versatility introduced by Aprilia with the new family of motorcycles designed around the new 660 cc twin-cylinder.

Aprilia Tuono 660 motorcycle has that same aggressive and sporty style as the Tuono family, standing out for its reduced surface dimensions that enhance that dynamic and sporty character it has, even when its parked. The highly anticipated naked bike takes the legendary Aprilia Tuono V4 into the medium engine capacity segment.

Worthy child of the unbeatable Tuono V4 1100, the new Tuono 660 combines manageable power and light weight, for great performance available to all, refined chassis architect and an electronic controls package derived directly from the Tuono V4.

@Aprilia Tuono 660 @piaggio group

Aprilia Tuono 660 embraces the concepts of sporty versatility, ease and fun that Aprilia is introducing for a new generation of riding enthusiasts.

Aprilia was the first to make a sport naked starting from a technical base created for the track, giving the various Tuono 1000 cc V twins and then the generation of unrivalled V4s incomparable riding and performance qualities.

And so, the new Aprilia RS 660 sport bike is also born out of the Tuono 660, a sport naked version characterised by ultra high technical content, but with an even more extreme street and daily-use connotation thanks, first and foremost, to the higher riding position which makes for different ergonomics, as well as a natural and comfortable ride.

Aprilia Tuono 660 also shares the primary project objective with RS 660: creating a bike with an extraordinary weight/power ratio: 183 kg kerb weight for 95 CV of power. A category record, which represents the ideal formula for fun on the road, accessible to everyone.

Tuono 660 is dedicated to new riders, since it is also available in the 35 kW version, but also for younger riders who are moving up from smaller engine capacities looking for a high-level sport naked that can provide fun on the road and is also ready to support the rider on the occasional track day.

@Aprilia Tuono 660 @piaggio group

@Aprilia Tuono 660 @piaggio group