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Boyko Studio Photogrpahy - Wedding Photographer in Punta Cana-

Boyko Studio Photogrpahy – Wedding Photographer in Punta Cana; photo:

Weddings are a special day to be enjoyed at the moment, but the memory of your wedding should also be captured for yourself, parents and, of course, your children to someday see. Beautiful pictures of your nuptials, carefully stored in a photo album, will be kept as a family heirloom as these are the memories of one of the most beautiful days of your life. We have prepared this list of must-have wedding photos to help you make use of the most important moments.

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1. The First Look

This is the very instant when you see each other for the first time on your wedding day. You will never forget it if the photographer is able to capture your emotions on camera, and you will even be able to see the moment from a different perspective.

Boyko Studio Photogrpahy - Wedding Photographer in Punta Cana

Boyko Studio Photogrpahy – Wedding Photographer in Punta Cana; photo:

2. The Photo in the Water

If the nuptials ceremony takes place near the water, consider yourself to be granted with huge scope for creativity. And if you have organized the ceremony on the Caribbean islands, you will also be able to have the most intense and refreshing photography with the help of a Caribbean wedding photographer. Pics near or directly in the water are sure to be romantic and filled with tenderness.

3. Morning of the Bride in Nature

Next year a lot of fresh trends will show up in wedding photography. One of the great new ideas is a bridal shoot in the morning somewhere outside. Choose a beautiful lawn, arrange vintage furniture, decorate the space with fresh flowers and airy fabrics, and this will be the perfect place for the bride’s morning.

Tip! You can plan to do this a few days before the wedding, for example, after rehearsing hair and makeup. This way you don’t have to cram it into an already busy and stressful wedding day.

4. Photo with a Photo

Here’s an interesting and unusual idea: use photos as props within your nuptials photo shoot. This is a clever way to show other periods of time to contrast with your special day, so it’s no surprise that this is in a must-have wedding photos checklist. It can be photos of you as kids to show the growth between a little girl and a beautiful bride, or the first photo the bride and groom took, or even more lighthearted funny photos together.

5. Picnic

Choose an interesting location – a forest, a river bank, a garden – then think over the composition of the scene and put together the necessary props like a table and chairs, old musical instruments, food arranged with exquisite decor and flower arrangements. Or you can organize a simple picnic on the grass using just a blanket, basket and a few sweets.

6. Pictures from Afar

Taking far away photos with drones is a fashionable trend, and that’s why it’s one of the must-have photos for weddings. Masters of photography say that by using this perspective they can show how huge the world is, which newlyweds are about to discover for themselves.

Chaumet Jeweller of Feelings

Chaumet The Jeweller of Feelings; photo: Chaumet

7. You Are a Couple

This is a day when there is no longer a “him” and “her”, but there is a “pair”, and this should be emphasized in the photos. For example, you can bring giant prop letters – your initials – which will stand side by side or you can hold them in your hands, and take a picture with them.

8. The photo in a Field

At first glance, it would seem there’s nothing interesting to look for in a field, but wedding photo shoots created in such a place have a very gentle and intimate atmosphere. Pictures taken at dawn, at noon or even close to sunset will illustrate the depth of emotion in your love. This is one of the must-have photos for a wedding if the dresses of the newlyweds are slightly more casual.

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9. Props for a Wedding Photo Shoot

You can add a nice little touch to your photos by using different objects with meaningful significance to your life as a couple. There are a lot of ideas for wedding photos such as balloons, big hearts, inscriptions of romantic themes, garlands of fabric or paper, a chalkboard with funny sayings, or other personal items that hold relevance to your personalities.

10. Photos with Animals

You have a great opportunity to make a wedding shoot more tender and touching thanks to animals, both domestic and wild! This idea is currently used by professionals all over the world because there is nothing better than sharing a photo filled with sincere love, natural tenderness, and beauty with beloved animals. If you have a pet, this idea should obligatory be in the must- have wedding photos list. If you are out in nature, try to capture birds, squirrels or other critters in the background.

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11. The Dress

This is not even a trend, it is an absolute must-have wedding photo idea at all times in any wedding theme or environment. If the dress has exquisite detail – open back, large train or a luxurious veil – it should also be highlighted.

Groom’s Accessories


12. Groom’s Accessories

This should also be in the 20 must-have wedding photos. The accessories of the groom were carefully chosen, so why does all the attention need to be paid to the bride’s fashion? These photos hold special weight if the groom is wearing family heirlooms or items with other signs.

13. Only Real Emotions

Preparing for the ceremony and practicing your oath is one of the most personal moments of the day, happening just before the instant when you tell each other your wedding promises. As you reread your oath once more, you will plunge into your own world. You can also exchange oath letters before the ceremony and grapple with each other’s emotions.

Torsade de Chaumet collection - Love whisper with the Torsade de Chaumet solitaire and wedding band for her and for him

Torsade de Chaumet; photo: chaumet

14. Photo with Rings

Words and extra props are unnecessary when it comes to the main symbols of marriage and family. Here you can do a lot. For example, take a picture of the rings on a special stand before the wedding, with a wedding bouquet or when exchanging rings.

15. The First Kiss

Your first kiss, after the rings are solemnly put on, should be captured in memory! This photo will be one of the most memorable ones in the entire collection. It will also be fun to catch the reaction of guests and relatives at this moment.

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16. Photo of Guests at the Wedding

It is very important to catch the reactions of the guests during the ceremony, because years later such pictures will be a pleasant connection to friends and family. This will be one of the most valuable must-have family wedding photos.

17. Cutting the Cake

Wedding cake is such an expensive and beautiful delicacy that its photo needs to be included in the list of must-have photos. A photographer should certainly take an instant shot when you cut off the first piece of this sweet masterpiece. And don’t forget to take plenty of photos before cutting!

Unusual Architecture or Landscape

photo: chaumet

18. Unusual Architecture or Landscape

This must be at an unusually beautiful place in your city or surrounding area, one that stands out among other buildings or nature – beautiful house, a cozy public garden, a colorful glade in the forest, maybe an old historic building or even a castle is a great idea for a wedding photo shoot. It is worth putting a little thought into the location to find somewhere to take photos that no one else will have.



19. Evening Photos

Photos made in the evening with dimmed lights, festoons or sparklers look very romantic and beautiful. They have their own festive atmosphere, a certain charm and magic to them.

The Decor of the Restaurant


20. The Decor of the Restaurant

The shots made before your guests enter the hall and sit down at the tables will create the feeling that everything is on a stage. This is especially important to capture because you have thought it all out for so long! For an example, take a look at Jellyfish restaurant wedding photos to find out what this looks like.

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