The ultimate driving experience on water: Wavekat 70 water go-kart

Wavekat 70 water toy 2015 model

A new aquatic vehicle called Wavekat 70 promises to offer on water the same experience as driving on land. The new designer watercraft with a catamaran style layout is able to perform 90º turns while continuing to power across the water at speeds of 35+ knots (65kph). With an impressive manoeuvrability, the luxury water toy boosts a phenominal acceleration, while cornering like nothing you’ve ever experienced. ‘Driving on water’

Certified as a Class B watercraft, the $22,500 Wavekat 70 carve up the water at speeds upwards of 35 knots. The intuitive “Get in and drive” design means no need for lessons, prior experience or license.

Wavekat 70 on the sea Wavekat 70 in action-

Wavekat 70 in action