The Benefits of Installing Mirrors in Your Workplace



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If you’d like to change up the decor around your workplace, then you might be looking for a relatively affordable and superficial way to do so. The power of mirrors is often underestimated, and a properly placed mirror can turn a small room into a large one, provided it’s placed on the right wall.

Of course, some businesses can use mirrors more than others, including places like dance studios, gyms, and more.
Over the course of today’s guide, we’re going to take a look at how mirrors can improve your workspace. If you’re
looking for something easy to install and that is relatively affordable, then a mirror just might be a perfect choice.


Dance Studio Mirrors

One of the most common places where you’ll find mirrors is in a dance studio. Dance studio mirrors allow the
customers to examine their movements as they dance, ensuring that they can properly master their form without
having to constantly look down at their feet, which is usually a bad idea when you’re dancing.

A studio mirror will typically extend from wall to wall, and it will fit into any kind of dance studio, ranging from ballet to contemporary. Dance studio mirrors are often made of glass, but there are also new glassless alternatives that have a better safety rating since they won’t end up shattering.

Along with safety, glassless mirrors tend to be preferable because of the lighter weight of the mirror itself when coupled with a frame. In many cases, this improves the ease of installation and allows you to use a more versatile mount system to ensure that your dance studio mirror can be employed all around the studio.

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Glass Mirrors Can Make a Room Look Bigger

If you’ve ever seen dance studio mirrors, then you may have noticed how they make the room that you’re standing in look infinite. Mirrors are known to widen rooms because they make the opposing wall look like it doesn’t exist, limiting how constrained a room feels in the first place.

You don’t even need to get the best possible mirror if you’re trying to make a room feel bigger. All you need to do is harness the power of reflection to make the space seem larger. The only thing to ensure is that your mirror isn’t mounted too low, as that will lessen the effectiveness of the effect.

If you’re trying to improve how a room looks with acrylic or glass mirrors, you’ll typically want to stick to wall-to-wall mirrors to ensure that people can’t see slivers of the wall behind the mirrors, when you can see the wall, the illusion of the room being larger than it is gets diminished.

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Put a Glass Mirror in Narrow Hallways

If you’ve ever walked through a hallway in your workplace and thought that it’s a little too small in size, you can fix that up with custom mirrors. Sized to fit the walls, these custom mirrors will allow you to make a previously narrow hallway seem like it’s never-ending, making it a lot more fun to walk through.

When you need to create the illusion of space in a certain part of your workplace, even a single mirror placed along one of the walls can have a great effect. In fact, this may be preferable, as it won’t create a chamber of mirrors effect and confuse people walking through that particular hallway.

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Put a High-Quality Mirror in the Lobby

A mirror can also be used to draw the attention of your customers, particularly if it’s placed in a position where they can see it with ease. This means that the lobby of your business would be suitable enough for a large, custom mirror that will allow people to take a look at themselves while they’re waiting.

If you want to utilize the mirror to spread your brand, include a small logo at the bottom corner of one of the mirrors to draw your customers’ attention. Instead of feeling like they’re wasting time when they have to wait, your customers will instead remark upon how professional the inclusion of a mirror in your lobby looks.


Mounted Mirror Installation in Company Gyms

Just like a dance studio, your company’s workout space needs to look good to make your workers feel good. A mirror is a helpful addition to a company gymnasium, as it will improve the feel of the room while also allowing your workers to take a look at themselves as they exercise.

Shipping such a large mirror may present a challenge, but once you buy it and install it, your employees will give you their profuse thanks for making the gym seem that much nicer. A helpful boss is one that gets the best results out of their workers, but make sure that you utilize a non-glass acrylic mirror to improve your gymnasium’s safety.