The 50 Best Restaurant Brand To Replicate Success With Inaugural 50 Best Hotel Awards

The World’s 50 Best Hotels, the 50 Best brand’s first global launch since 2009, To Hold Its Debut Awards Gala in London.

The World’s 50 Best Hotels, the 50 Best brand’s first global launch since 2009, will hold its debut awards gala at the Guildhall in London, United Kingdom.

The first-ever annual ranking of The World’s 50 Best Hotels will be announced as part of a three-day spectacle in London. The awards ceremony itself will be at the heart of the events and will take place on 19 September at the UK capital’s iconic Guildhall, built in 1411 and one of the finest examples of medieval architecture in the City of London. The new awards will join the established lists of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and The World’s 50 Best Bars as the leading rankings in global hospitality.

The World’s 50 Best Hotels 2023 will unveil its annual ranking during a captivating live countdown, showcasing the top 50 hotels from around the world.

These remarkable establishments will be selected by 580 anonymous experts, forming the esteemed 50 Best Academy. Comprised of distinguished professionals including hoteliers, travel journalists, educators, and seasoned luxury travelers, the Academy brings a balanced perspective to the ranking process, guided by regional Academy Chairs across nine global regions.

What sets the World’s 50 Best Hotels apart is its commitment to independence and integrity. Unlike traditional awards programs, this ranking does not require hotels to conform to pre-determined criteria or pay to participate. The venues themselves need not invest in nomination fees or event tickets, ensuring an unbiased and authentic evaluation of hospitality excellence.

Tim Brooke-Webb, Managing Director of 50 Best, expresses his gratitude for the industry’s embrace of the existing 50 Best awards in restaurants and bars and emphasizes the launch of The World’s 50 Best Hotels as a truly independent ranking. London, as both the birthplace of 50 Best and a thriving global travel hub, serves as the perfect host for this inaugural event. With its renowned hotels and burgeoning luxury leisure scene, the UK capital is poised to welcome the world and set the stage for an extraordinary awards ceremony.

The festivities in London will span three days, offering a diverse program of events.

The Welcome Event on 17 September will provide an opportunity for hoteliers from the 50 listed properties to connect with their peers from around the world. This will be followed by The Opening Banquet, an elegant affair held the night before the unveiling of The World’s 50 Best Hotels 2023. The climax of the celebrations will be the glittering awards ceremony on 19 September, featuring red-carpet arrivals, interviews, a drinks reception, and the highly anticipated countdown itself. A press conference will follow, showcasing live interviews with representatives from The World’s Best Hotel and other special award winners.

The World’s 50 Best Hotels utilizes a meticulous voting process to ensure fairness and transparency. The nine Academy Chairs, experts in their respective regions, assemble a voting panel consisting of hoteliers, travel journalists, educators, business travelers, and avid travelers. Each panel member confidentially casts seven votes, ranking hotels based on their personal experiences within the two-year voting period leading up to April 2023. The results remain undisclosed until the official list announcement, eliminating any influence from 50 Best employees or sponsors associated with the awards.

The ranking of The World’s 50 Best Hotels is characterized by several critical aspects that contribute to its credibility and significance in the hospitality industry:

Independence and Integrity: The World’s 50 Best Hotels prides itself on being an independent ranking, free from external influences. Neither the employees of 50 Best nor any sponsors associated with the awards have any sway over the results. This commitment to impartiality ensures that the ranking represents a fair and unbiased assessment of the best hotels worldwide.

Expert Selection: The 50 Best Academy, comprised of 580 anonymous experts, plays a pivotal role in the ranking process. These experts, carefully chosen from diverse backgrounds such as hoteliers, travel journalists, educators, and seasoned luxury travelers, provide a well-rounded perspective. Led by regional Academy Chairs across nine geographical regions, the Academy ensures a global representation of the hotel sector.

Anonymity and Transparency: To eliminate the possibility of lobbying and maintain the integrity of the process, all voters, except the Academy Chairs, remain anonymous. This anonymity safeguards the objectivity of the ranking and reinforces the focus on the quality of hotel experiences.

Inclusive Eligibility: The World’s 50 Best Hotels embraces inclusivity, allowing any hotel worldwide to be eligible for votes. There are no specific criteria or predetermined requirements that hotels must meet to be considered. This openness ensures that exceptional properties from various regions and with diverse offerings have an equal opportunity to be recognized.

No Pay-to-Play Model: The awards operate on a non-commercial basis, meaning that hotels do not need to pay to enter the awards or purchase tickets to the events. The ranking is not influenced by financial investments, reinforcing the authenticity and merit-based nature of the selection process.

Transparent Voting Process: The voting is carried out individually and confidentially on a secure site, ensuring the privacy and integrity of each expert’s choices. Academy members cast their votes based on their firsthand experiences during the two-year voting period leading up to the announcement.