This Sanctuary For Aligning Body, Soul And Spirit Won World’s Best Wellness Clinic Trophy

SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain awarded as World’s Best Wellness Clinic 2022 by World Spa Awards.

Right on the Mediterranean and in the middle of the Sierra Helada Natural Park, SHA Spain is located in one of Europe’s most privileged locations, with a wonderful climate of 330 days of sunshine a year.

Since SHA Wellness Clinic opened its doors in 2008 with the aim of helping people to achieve and maintain an optimal state of health and wellbeing, excellence, innovation and the human warmth of the SHA team have become its most recognisable hallmarks. Nearly 15 years later, SHA demonstrates how perseverance in these values allows it to continue consolidating its leading position in the wellness industry. The 8th edition of the World Spa Awards recognised SHA as the World’s Best Wellness Clinic 2022 and Spain’s Best Wellness Retreat 2022. These outstanding recognitions join the hundred or so awards that the luxury wellbeing brand has already received since its inception.

The World Spa Awards annually recognise and reward excellence in all sectors involved in the spa and wellness tourism industry. The vote, which was open for 12 weeks, was open not only to regular wellness tourism customers, who are increasingly knowledgeable about the subject, but also to industry and media professionals. In a very short space of time, these prestigious awards have become an international benchmark.

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@SHA Wellness Clinic/

SHA is undoubtedly characterised by its global and integrative approach to health, fusing the latest advances in scientific medicine with the most proven and effective holistic therapies, enhancing the effect that these would have separately, always seeking to obtain the best results in a healthy and sustainable way, in the shortest possible time.

Alejandro Bataller, Vice President of SHA Wellness Clinic, sums up the emotion and, at the same time, the enormous responsibility of receiving the awards for Best Wellness Clinic in the World 2022 and Best Wellness Retreat in Spain 2022: “Obtaining this new recognition gives all of us in the SHA family an even greater motivation to continue evolving, innovating and helping each of our guests to achieve and maintain an optimal state of health and wellbeing over time”.

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SHA Wellness Clinic is world known for five health programmes: Rebalance, Healthy Ageing, Intensive | Optimal Weight and Advanced Detox, Advanced Detox, and Optimal Weight.

With “Rebalance” health programme, you will learn a new lifestyle, improve overall health and continue the learning process when you return home. This is a perfect programme for those looking to fully relax and disconnect in an ideal environment.

Healthy Ageing” programme aims to optimise health by delaying or reducing the effects of ageing. First, SHA’s experts determine the guest’s biological age and compare it with their chronological age and the factors that can negatively affect quality of life. Then they combine different therapies, nutrition and medical innovations to achieve the best possible results. Finally, the specialists at SHA Wellness Clinic share the keys to acquiring new healthy habits, improving overall health and prolonging well-being over time.

“Intensive | Optimal Weight and Advanced Detox” programme combines the Detox and Optimal Weight approaches. It aims to achieve an ideal weight in a healthy way while purifying the body. On the one hand, SHA’s doctors determine the level of oxidative stress to counteract it through different treatments and therapies. On the other hand, the wellbeing experts work on new healthy eating habits to optimise your body’s natural detoxification process to reach the right weight over time.

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“With “Advanced Detox” programme we seek to purify the body by purifying the liver and digestive system of toxins that have resulted from bad eating habits and external pollutants. We also determine the level of oxidative stress in the body to counteract it by combining different treatments and therapies. Moreover, you may add a focused pack in this program and then your experience will be fully complete.” – SHA Wellness Clinic Spain.

“Optimal Weight” programme is perfect for those seeking to achieve an ideal weight in a healthy, progressive and balanced way. Guests are under strict medical supervision, with the help of nutritional consultants and physical trainers. Guests also learn techniques and healthy lifestyle habits that helps them continue treatment at home and prevent rebounding.

After the success of its establishment in Spain, responsible for having brought about a positive change in the health and wellbeing of more than 65,000 people from all over the world, including a long list of celebrities, SHA now faces its international expansion with the opening of SHA Mexico planned for the end of 2023 and SHA Emirates planned for the end of 2024.

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