Should You Be Using a Car Paint Sealant for Your Car?



If you’ve recently purchased a car and want to keep that showroom look, then using a car paint sealant could be a great option for you.

You’ve invested lots of money in your vehicle, so it makes sense to protect that value by keeping your car in top condition for as long as possible. A car paint sealant allows you to do this without having to spend crazy money.

Maserati Gran Turismo; @Maserati

What is a Car Paint Sealant?

A car paint sealant provides an extra layer of protection for your paintwork. Similar to wax, it is easily applied and helps keep your car looking shiny and new. The big difference between the two products is a car paint sealant will last around 5 times longer than wax products, meaning less upkeep for you.

Paint sealants can also offer better protection than wax or polish, protecting your car from harmful UV rays and other damaging substances such as bug splatter, bird droppings, and acid rain. This helps protect your car, keep your paint looking shiny and new, and makes cleaning much easier.

Who Should Use a Paint Sealant?

If you’ve got a new(ish) car and you want to keep it in top condition, then a car paint sealant can be a great option. These products are like a middle ground between wax and polish on the cheaper end of the scale and a ceramic coating at the top end of the scale, and they offer excellent value for many drivers.

Protecting your paintwork goes a long way towards keeping value in your car, and you can achieve this with a paint sealant. This option is cheaper than a ceramic coating and is much easier to apply if you do it yourself. They can be applied by hand or dual-action polisher, making it easy to do at home.

Great for Extreme Conditions

If you live in a particularly hot and dry climate, or somewhere that gets lots of ice and snow, you’ll know how the weather can damage the appearance of your car. A car paint sealant adds an invisible layer of protection to your paint, helping to block harmful UV rays, and protect against damaging substances like salt.

A paint sealant is easy to apply and can give you over a year’s protection. For a relatively small investment, you can protect your car from extreme climates and keep it in good condition. When it comes to selling your car on, the time you spent protecting it with a paint sealant can really make a big difference to the value you achieve for the car.

Keeps Car Paint in Good Condition

The best time to apply a paint sealant is when your car paint is in good condition. The sealant helps protect the paint, but it can’t fix imperfections that already exist. The best way to protect against those imperfections is to apply a sealant before they happen, meaning your paint will stay fresh for longer. Adding a paint sealant to already damaged paint can have the effect of highlighting the blemishes, so it’s best to act early and protect your car while it is still in good condition.

Lamborghini Museum Mudetec; @Lamborghini