How to purify every cubic inch of air: Efficient ways to monitor and clean indoor air




Clean air is a basic human right, not a luxury. During these uncertain times, businesses are looking for simple and efficient ways to reduce airborne pathogens and provide some reassurances to their guests.

@The Palms Hotel & Spa

How to clean both the air we breathe and also the surfaces. Here are some efficient ways to clean the indoor spaces. An all-natural approach to sanitizing, in line with the inspired-by-nature concept.

The Palms Hotel & Spa is now sanitizing the air for guests and staff through installation of RGF’s PHI-Cell in-duct air purification systems. Last week, the independently owned and managed luxury resort known for its green initiatives completed the installation of 320 total ‘PHI Package’ units, enough for every guest room AC system, and all  public and back-of-house areas including the lobby, gym, spa, kitchen, laundry room, and offices.

The PHI-Cell Package unit, which uses RGF’s patented technology, fits inside existing air conditioning ducts to purify every cubic inch of air throughout the conditioned space. It effectively reduces odors and air pollutants, various bacteria and viruses including H1N1, MRSA, Norwalk, e-coli, and others. The unit works by sending out very low levels of airborne hydrogen peroxide into a room, which effectively kills contaminants in the air and on surfaces, while being safe for the building occupants.

In addition to the complete installation at The Palms Hotel, RGF’s PHI-Cell and REME HALO products are also installed at many global hotels and resorts, national chain restaurants, as well as various schools, office buildings, medical and dental offices.

air purifier DJ010;

Oucica, a Sub-brand of Huntkey, expert of air purification solutions, releases its desktop air purifier DJ010

Like Oucica’s previously released air purification products, the DJ010 is still developed and manufactured by photocatalyst technology. Different from the previous products, DJ010 is smaller and more suitable for use in small spaces such as desktops and cars.

What is Photocatalyst?

Photocatalyst is a general term for photo-semiconductor materials with photocatalytic function represented by nano-sized titanium dioxide. It is coated on the surface of the substrate and produces strong catalytic degradation function under the action of ultraviolet light and visible light. Photocatalyst can effectively kill bacteria and virus in the air and decompose harmful substances in the air into water and carbon dioxide. It is a ideal solution for removing formaldehyde, deodorizing, anti-pollution and purifying air.

When Oucica DJ010 works, the air will first pass through the preliminary filter, which can be washed with water. The photocatalyst filter can usually be used for a lifetime without cleaning. There is no problem removing it for cleaning if users want.


Smartmi announces launch of an intelligent antimicrobial HEPA air purifier that automatically monitors and cleans indoor air

Smartmi Air Purifier monitors and analyzes indoor air quality, cleans air automatically and features a 3 stage filter system with antimicrobial and antiviral coating that protects from pollutants and germs.

Smartmi created an intelligent, affordable air purifier that dramatically improves indoor air quality and adds smart features and IFTTT for integration with smart home ecosystems. Smartmi monitors the air quality at all times along with temperature and humidity. It sends an alert message any time the pollution level rises. Users can control the purifier remotely by smartphone, set schedules, monitor air quality in real-time and clean the air even when not home so that they can always return to fresh, clean air.

Smartmi is equipped with a unique 3 stage air filtration system that filters the indoor air at the rate of 400m³/hour.

The preliminary filter traps the most common large particles like dust, fibers and pet hair. The secondary filter, a medical-grade HEPA 13 filter with an antimicrobial coating, captures the extremely harmful PM2.5 concentrationsas well as airborne pollen, bacteria as small as 0.3μm. The last stage is an activated carbon filter that eliminates TVOCs and odors.

“People are often surprised to find out that indoor air pollution can be up to 5 times higher than the air outside. Clean air is essential for a healthy, comfortable home and our goal with Smartmi was to provide the best air purification with smart features that make achieving clean air simple. Many air purifiers remove pollution particles but for Smartmi we wanted the highest possible level of purification. Our multi-filter HEPA system captures large pollution particles as well as the more dangerous 2.5pm concentrations and airborne bacteria. We believe everyone deserves clean air and with Smartmi, any family can breathe easier knowing the air in their home is clean and pure.” – Jun Su, Founder of Smartmi.

desktop air purifier DJ010;