Pros and Cons of Flying Private


While chartering a private jet was previously thought to be an experience reserved for the ultra rich, thanks to companies like Access Global, flying private is easier and more accessible than ever. Flying private can be one of the best ways to travel as it simplifies the experience of going to the airport and arriving at your chosen destination, but it can come with its own set of problems.

If you are considering flying private for your next family vacation or work trip, here are some pros and cons that might make your decision easier.


No Airport Hassle

The worst part of traveling is often the experience you have at the airport on your way to and from your destination. Those who charter private jets are not required to go through strict security screening like those who fly commercially and are not at risk of dealing with delayed flights or lengthy layovers. Flying private can allow for a smoother and quicker traveling experience.

More Space

Private planes offer more space for passengers to move more freely about the cabin during the flight. Private jets can be the best option for bigger families or those with small children who might have a hard time sitting in one place for the duration of a long flight.

Control of Your Schedule

When you charter a jet, you are able to select the date and time you fly. If traveling on others’ schedules or terms stresses you out, chartering a private flight might be the perfect solution.


More Prone to Weather Delays

Since private jets are much smaller than commercial planes, they are more susceptible to damage from bad weather or other hazardous environmental conditions. This means if you’re flying private, you should consider the weather on your desired travel days, because conditions like rain or heavy winds will delay your flight more easily than could be expected on a commercial plane.

Surprising Baggage Restrictions

While some might assume that a private jet can be chartered without package restrictions for passengers, private jets might have stricter rules for baggage than commercial airlines as additional heavy weight could affect a jet’s performance. If you need to carry multiple, heavier items or have a large party who is bringing several bags per passenger, a commercial airline might be your best bet, and the extra baggage fees would not be more expensive than the private charter.

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