Pininfarina Has Set Its Sights On The World Of Sports Design

Pininfarina is expanding its sphere of action by bringing its expertise to the world of design – from cars to product to architecture – and its unique design approach, a combination of aesthetics and technology, to the world of sports design.

@The Iconic Padel Court revolutionizes the concept of design for the sport: a combination of aesthetics and technology at the highest level for maximum performance and wellness

Pininfarina, the iconic design firm known for revolutionizing the automotive industry, has set its sights on the world of sports design. In collaboration with Iconic, the studio has created a new concept that will change the game of padel forever – the Iconic Padel Court.

This stunning court design merges beauty and technology to offer the ultimate experience in both performance and wellness. Customizable and modular, the Iconic Padel Court boasts the latest innovations in design and technology, including the ability to review actions and movements to gather data that can improve game performance.

According to Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of Pininfarina Group, “Iconic Padel Court combines timeless beauty with the best technology available for players, offering an all-around Pininfarina experience. The design respects nature and embodies sport at the highest level, encapsulating sophistication and innovation in an unparalleled concept.”

The court’s design is compliant with the standards of the International Padel Federation and can be installed anywhere in the world, either as a freestanding or ground-fixed option. It features an array of innovative finishings and materials, including fiberglass coating, laminated tempered glass, faux leather protectors, and perfectly integrated LEDs, displays, and cameras.

@Pininfarina Iconic Padel Court

The court is equipped with an array of technological systems, such as automatic tensioning systems for the game net and ball pressurization modules to enhance players’ experience. Moreover, it has a recharging station for electronic devices, making it an all-in-one sports and technology solution.

The court also includes an array of perfectly integrated cameras to analyze movements and provide an in-depth analysis of the game. These cameras can be easily managed through touch displays integrated into glass panels, allowing players to work on training sessions and change the score of the game shown in the scoreboards, which are also integrated into the structure.

Overall, the Iconic Padel Court is a remarkable design achievement that optimizes players’ experience and performance through continuous interaction with court components, physical or remote. Technology, sport, and lifestyle come together in this revolutionary concept, making it a must-have for anyone who loves the game of padel.

@Pininfarina Iconic Padel Court