This Next-Generation Floating House Is Perfect for Quarantine in Style




It is a floating house, a waterfront villa, and a livable yacht. Arkup livable yachts are self-sufficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly. They can also serve as an isolation island far away from coronavirus outbreak.

Live in comfort and luxury in total autonomy, and enjoy life between the sea, the sky and the city.

The self-propelled villa on the water that allows you to dock in a marina or anchor where ever you choose. You will always be surrounded by the water. When elevated on its hydraulic pilings, the vessel is as stable as a house, and protected from the action of the waves. The project was conceived to be sustainable and “future-proof”, from its ability to withstand or avoid extreme weather events, to its self-contained systems that allow fully off-the-grid living.

Time to relax with a glass of Champagne and enjoy the view.

The mobile home on waves is equipped with a solar roof, customized battery capacity and navigation range, a lounging roof terrace or a combination of both. The owner can opt for off-the-grid or connected living. The 4,350 sqft mobile floating mansion is fully solar-powered and harvest rainwater in order to provide the ultimate off-the-grid water-based living experience. The four spuds allow your livable yacht to be completely stabilized and even lifted out of the water, avoiding any sea-sickness.

The livable yacht’s design is tailored to the needs and desires of the owner, who can choose hydraulic spuds or regular anchors, finishes for indoor/outdoor spaces, and tenders.

Livable yachts’ owners won’t have to pay any property taxes in most cases. Utility bills are no longer due thanks to rainwater harvesting and solar power generation. Primary residence or “mobile” vacation home, the livable yachts are multi-purpose: promotional or event venue, quarantine space, restaurant, gym, you can even turn it into a spa.

Arkup #1 is located in Miami, but can be shipped anywhere in the world. The manufacturer says it can help you find a slip with a long term lease in a marina to berth your new home on the water. The floating house is priced between $ 5,500,000 and $ 5,900,000 (a version fully furnished by Artefacto).