New watches 2022: Paul Rich Rainbow Watches

@Paul Rich Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Collection

Paul Rich is a luxury watch brand known for its cutting-edge designs and impeccable craftsmanship. The brand also produces special, limited editions of its premium watches that are marked with a unique serial number on the case’s side, giving each piece a sense of singularity and uniqueness. Craftsmanship and careful attention to detail are highly valued by the company. Never settling for less has always been the mindset of our production.

New Watches in Paul Rich Collection

Whether you are in search of a timepiece to complement your suit or a way to make a bold fashion statement, you will be able to find the perfect one here. None of these watches’ popularity is coincidental.

Powered by Swiss-made movements, the new timepieces from the 2022 Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust collection are sure to make an impression. They have a frosted finish and are exceptionally precise.

@Paul Rich Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Collection – Rose Gold

Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Collection

Silver, black, gold, and rose gold are the four color options for the Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust collection. These four form a sort of chromatic baseline that helps to guide and inspire us as we design and develop watches that are both novel and comfortable enough to make their wearers feel like they belong on both formal and everyday occasions. Because of this, both novice and expert collectors can rest assured that they will always be able to get their hands on a flawless timepiece to enrich their collection. The best movements that watchmaking has to offer are used in these timepieces, making them among the finest available. Check out the new Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Collection, powered by a Swiss Movement.

As far as the eye can see in space. It’s always been man’s ambition to strive for perfection. Paul Rich was motivated by the alluring atmosphere of the universe and the progress mankind has made to advance our culture. This led Paul Rich to the creation of the design for the collection. It was created to break convention and establish a new benchmark. Fusing the old with the new, striking a fine line between mass production and one-of-a-kind creations.  This limited collection is powered by a Swiss Ronda movement system, ensuring accurate, state-of-the-art timekeeping.

@Paul Rich Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Collection – Rose Gold timepiece

Designed to break new ground in sophistication. Just taking the Endgame Black watch as an example, you’ll see how it boasts a handcrafted bezel in a rainbow of colors and luminous hands that make it easy to read the time at night.

The frosted effect on the band and the bold elegance of the aventurine dial give each model the appearance of being from another planet or a different time.

The bezel now has an updated, bold appearance thanks to the use of both colored and white crystals.

@Paul Rich Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Collection – Gold watch

@Paul Rich Endgame Rainbow Frosted Star Dust Collection – Black Watch