Museum Art-Inspired Apparel Is Great: The prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art Presents Third Capsule

Art-inspired Apparel Provides Unmatched Opportunity For Creative Expression Through Personal Style.

@Pacsun summer drop celebrates @The Met’s enduring connection with New York City

The Met Is Bridging Fashion and Art With Third Art-Inspired Capsule Celebrating The Museum Enduring Connection With New York City.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, known as The Met, has been successful in bridging the gap between fashion and art with its third art-inspired capsule collection in collaboration with Pacsun, a leading specialty retailer. This partnership aims to bring art into the mainstream and make it accessible to a young audience, while also celebrating The Met’s enduring connection with New York City.

The summer collection showcases artwork that depicts iconic locations across New York State, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Hudson River, and Governors Island. Each piece in the collection is thoughtfully designed to capture the grandeur and beauty of these renowned destinations, providing Pacsun customers with a wearable art experience.

The collaboration offers dedicated men’s and women’s apparel, featuring a selection of works from The Met’s collection and the museum’s logo. The designs range from casual loungewear to trendy and elevated silhouettes. For men, there are Pacsun tees, hoodies, crewnecks, and shorts, while the women’s line includes a variety of stylish options such as a matching corset top and midi skirt, a baby tee and bike short set, a reversible quilted jacket, and loungewear. The collection is reasonably priced between $30 and $80, making it accessible to a wide range of customers, and is available in sizes XS to XL.

@Pacsun summer drop celebrates @The Met’s enduring connection with New York City

Richard Cox, VP of Men’s Merchandising at Pacsun, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to present our third collaboration with the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art, showcasing new styles that pay homage to the vibrant city of New York. By bridging fashion and art, we ignite a sense of creativity and cultural appreciation among our community.” The collection is designed to inspire creativity and cultural exploration among the youth, fostering a deeper connection with art and encouraging personal expression through style.

Josh Romm, Head of Licensing & Partnerships at The Met, emphasized the significance of art-inspired apparel, saying, “Art-inspired apparel provides an unmatched opportunity for creative expression through personal style.” This collaboration exemplifies the shared goal of bringing famous works of art to everyday life and engaging audiences with The Met’s collection beyond the museum walls. The Met is proud to continue working with Pacsun, and they look forward to launching more inspiring designs in the future.

To commemorate the launch of the co-branded collection, Pacsun hosted an intimate gathering at The Met, where special guests had the opportunity to enjoy a private viewing and tour of the newly unveiled exhibition, Van Gogh’s Cypresses, on display at The Met Fifth Avenue. This event further strengthens the connection between art and fashion, allowing attendees to experience art in a unique and immersive way.

The collaboration between The Met and Pacsun not only allows art enthusiasts to showcase their love for art through fashion but also serves as a gateway for young audiences to engage with museum culture and appreciate the beauty and significance of art. By bringing art-inspired apparel into the mainstream, The Met and Pacsun are successfully disseminating art-inspired content and expanding the reach of museums and art galleries, making art more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

@Pacsun summer drop celebrates @The Met’s enduring connection with New York City

@Pacsun summer drop celebrates @The Met’s enduring connection with New York City