Most beautiful luxury classic cars

Undoubtedly the car is a work of art. We have seen many charts, preferences, we talked with passionate people. Here are 2luxury2 team preferences regarding the most beautiful classic cars.

Our first preference is the Jaguar E-type.  Great Enzo said that it would be the most beautiful car ever created. Other critics say it was the most affordable luxury car of the era. Others say it would have had a lot of bugs in the technical plan. Even if there are differences … all said in unison:  “It’s beautiful!”.  An aerodynamics engineer called Malcolm Sayer is the “author” of the design of this beauty.

Maybe it’s the only car that has preserved over time the allure that made it famous. The one created in 1963 was the most successful. Of course, it all about taste. Welcome: Porsche 91I.  in 1954 Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche created the design of this immortal vehicle.

Gone With the Wind … or how to float on the road.  At the time it made sense, both by design and innovations that have embedded. (Direct injection system, tilt steering wheel and doors of course). It is considered one of the most valuable cars ever created by Mercedes: Mercedes Benz 300 SL GULL WING 195.

We love Steve McQueen … And when you say Steve McQueen, the first thought is Lieutenant Bullitt and inevitably Mustang. We had the opportunity to drive one. Beauty does not come in forms, but with charisma. And especially with that unmistakable sound made by 390 ponies under the hood. 1968 390 CID V8 Ford Mustang.

Italians are the masters of design. We could not miss two “Italiano vero” automotive masterpieces. One was launched in 1930 and has a modern version, which, in our view, is beautiful as the original. But as we talk about classics here, so the second in our preferences is Alfa Romeo 8c.

The other, is more than a car or a work of art. More than a simple icon or a phenomenon. It would be more preferences when it comes to Ferrari, but the more we liked is the Daytona model. This model released in 1968 commemorates the triple victory achieved by Ferrari  in the famous Daytona 24 Hours circuit. Responsible for the design: the famous Pininfarina design studio.

In the end we have an invitation to a movie.  Make yourself comfortable and step alongside Steve McQueen in two memorable scenes. The first is tracking the famous bull. The second is Le Mans intro movie, considered by many critics the best film ever made  about cars.