Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams and The top-quality thermal camera for ethical hunting



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Leica Camera has long been known for manufacturing digital cameras to the highest standards. Unlike conventional digital cameras, thermal cameras record infrared radiation, which cannot be perceived by the human eye, as a visible image. For hunters looking to spot and identify game safely from afar with high-level accuracy, the Leica Calonox View thermal imaging camera is an indispensable hunting companion that offers superlative image quality – by day or night and under the most challenging conditions.

For the first time, Leica Sport Optics (Wetzlar, Germany) presents a thermal camera designed especially for ethical hunting: the Leica Calonox. At market launch, the Leica Calonox will be offered in two versions: as an observation instrument – Leica Calonox View – and as a thermal imaging clip-on to mount on a rifle scope – Leica Calonox Sight.

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The two new Leica Calonox thermal cameras are optimized for their respective applications and deliver outstanding, Leica-typical image quality with particularly detailed gray tones, excellent contrast, and high detail resolution at all observation distances.

The permanently installed rechargeable battery is especially well-protected against cold and moisture by its position inside the Calonox devices. The unique product design caters to hunting needs and integrates perfectly into the hunter’s equipment due to its cylindrical shape and ease of use – whether mounted or hand-held. Operation with only three buttons is intuitive, user-friendly, and reduced to the essentials. Both models feature a 42-mm lens with large field of view.

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Leica Calonox Sight

The Leica Calonox Sight thermal imaging clip-on, optimized for use with a conventional riflescope, is equipped with 1x magnification. Thanks to its solid and robust construction, the Calonox Sight offers a particularly precise, repeatable point of impact.

The horizontal field of view of 15.5 at 100 meters provides a great overview, while the 384 x 288 px sensor in combination with the high-resolution OLED display and Leica’s own image processing (Leica Image Optimization – LIO) ensures a detailed image. High-quality adapters for mounting on a riflescope are available in all common lens sizes.

Leica Calonox View

The superior detection range of the Leica Calonox View is based on a high-end vanadium oxide sensor with 640 × 512 pixels, 12 µm pixel size, and excellent temperature resolution. The 2.5x basic optical magnification provides a large field of view, making it also ideal for observations in the immediate vicinity.

Up to 10x digital zoom, in combination with the outstanding 1280 × 960 px LCOS display and Leica’s own image processing (Leica Image Optimization – LIO), ensures that no details remain hidden, even at great distances.

@Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams

Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams

With the limited special edition Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams, Leica Camera AG is presenting an exclusive edition model of the Q2. It has been created in close collaboration with award-winning actor Daniel Craig and Greg Williams, one of Britain’s most renowned photographers, acclaimed for capturing iconic Hollywood moments in his authentic style. Greg has photographed Daniel Craig’s Bond since he first stepped into the role, creating behind-the-scenes books and special shoots as well as many of the Daniel Craig film posters. Both Craig and Williams have a common passion in photography and are both avid fans of the Leica brand, making this an obvious collaboration for the pair.

“The Q2 is, for me, the perfect camera and needs no improvement. So, to have the chance to work with the amazing people at Leica and my friend, Greg Williams, to create something as unique as this, has been a privilege and an honour.” – Daniel Craig.

“We bonded over our shared love of cameras on ‘Casino Royale’. Daniel takes beautiful photos and has a great eye. The Leica Q2 is an extension of me – you never see me without one around my neck. So to work with Daniel and the team at Leica on this limited edition has been a very special.” – Greg Williams.

While the Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams corresponds technically to the Leica Q2, it has an exclusive and elegant design. The visible elements of the camera are defined by black and gold. All the engravings on the camera and lens are inlaid with gold paint. It also includes a first: the name and sequential serial number have been engraved with a laser, under the glass cover of the camera display. Another very particular feature concerns the traditional Leica logo: on the Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams, the red dot with Leica lettering has been replaced with a black dot and gold lettering for the first time ever, making the camera uniquely distinctive.

The carrier strap is made of top-quality, vegetable-dyed Nappa leather that is embossed with the Leica logo, and has eyelets which are gilded. The same leather, embossed with an elegant diamond pattern, is also used for the camera covering. Each camera, with accessories, comes in a specially designed, hinged-lid presentation box with gold lettering and a black silk lining. The Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams is limited to 750 units.

@Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams

@Leica Q2 Daniel Craig x Greg Williams