Innovative and high-end e-Bikes to satisfy all the needs of the cyclists


New e-Bikes meet the enthusiasm for new mobility.

With these next-Gen models, Peugeot cycles complete its range of electrically assisted bikes. The brand satisfies all the needs of the cyclists. Its dynamism contributes to make the e-bikes a social phenomenon.

eT01 D9 PowerTube; @PEUGEOT Cycles

PEUGEOT Cycles launched six “Crossover” electrically assisted bikes, which overlap the trekking and mountain bikes features. These multi-purpose bikes meet the enthusiasm of cyclists, who will ride them for commuting and leisure as well. The elegant design of the Peugeot bikes eT01 (e=electric, T=trekking) Crossover is fluid, thanks to their in-frame battery BOSCH PowerTube. Their powerful BOSCH engines and large tyres strengthen their trekking capabilities. The FS (Full Suspension) models provide comfort whatever the road, the path or the slope. The New e-Bikes Crossover are designed in France and assembled in Romilly sur Seine (Aube, France).

The Peugeot e-Bikes strengthen the “360 °” electrified mobility offer of the brand. Peugeot provides the electric scooter e-LUDIX, as well as Personal Cars 100% ev (e-208, e-2008, e-TRAVELLER) or Plug-In Hybrid (3008, 508 hatchback or SW) or LCVs 100% ev (e-EXPERT and e-BOXER).

The Crossover concept applied to the Peugeot eT01 e-Bikes is inspired from the SUV carlines in the automotive sector. Peugeot Design Lab, the Brand design studio, imagined the fluid and modern design of these new bikes. The BOSCH PowerTube Battery is integrated into the frame. Its implantation near the engine is optimal for the balance of the bike, which has a lower centre of gravity. Its removal by the top side of the down tube is easy while ensuring that it is shielded from projections. The manufacturing process of the frames prevents inclusions in the aluminium and guarantees their robustness. The flat welds complete the perceived quality. All the Peugeot eT01 Crossover e-Bikes are assembled in France, in Romilly sur Seine (Aube, Champagne area).

eT01 Crossover équipé D10 mixte PowerTube; @PEUGEOT Cycles

The range of Peugeot Crossover e-Bikes:

PEUGEOT eT01 Crossover D9, « Sport » or « Mixt » frame. This adventurous e-Bike is easy to ride on the steep paths, thanks to its BOSCH Active Line engine. Its BOSCH PowerTube 400 Wh battery provides a range up to 110 kilometres. Its HUTCHINSON large tyres with spikes on their sides ensure a grip on every surface. Price: € 2,499 Inc. VAT.

PEUGEOT eT01 Crossover D10 Equipped, « Sport » or « Mixt» frame. This versatile and performant e-Bike embeds the powerful BOSCH Performance CX engine. Its 63 Nm torque provides an instant and maximum power, whatever the gradient. The BOSCH PowerTube de 500 Wh battery provides a range up to 110 kilometres. Its complete equipment (rear and front light, mudguard, luggage rack) makes everyday life easy. Price: € 3,299 Inc. VAT.

PEUGEOT eT01 Crossover FS (Full Suspension). This comfortable e-Bikes is equipped with front and rear suspensions, each with a clearance of 80 mm. Thanks to this « Full suspension », it provides comfort in the Cities and can face all terrains. Its BOSCH Active Line engine is associated with a 400 Wh BOSCH PowerTube battery. Its range is up to 110 kilometres. Price: € 3,299 Inc. VAT.

PEUGEOT eT01 Crossover FS (Full Suspension) Equipped. At the top of the Crossover range, this e-Bike allies comfort, performance and convenience. Its front and rear suspensions filter the roughness of roads and paths. Its BOSCH Performance Line engine (60 Nm Torque) ensures powerful accelerations. Its 500 Wh BOSCH PowerTube battery provides a range up to 110 kilometres. Its equipment (rear and front light, mudguard, luggage rack) is ideal for everyday life courses. Price: € 3,999 Inc. VAT.