Gordon Murray Automotive Unveils the T.33 Spider: A Stunning V12 Supercar with Open-Top Design

A truly usable supercar: The carbon composite roof panels can be stowed in the 115 litre front luggage compartment, with twin side lockers providing an additional 180 litres of storage space.

@Gordon Murray T.33 Spider Supercar

The T.33 Spider from Gordon Murray automotive combines the beautiful, timeless design of the T.33 with an even more immersive and engaging driving experience. With two removable roof panels, a deployable rear window and the naturally-aspirated Cosworth GMA.2 V12 behind the cabin, there is no other supercar like it.

Developed in parallel with the T.33 and sharing the same Ultralight carbon fibre monocoque construction, the T.33 Spider has been meticulously engineered to deliver the exceptional torsional stiffness needed for outstanding ride, handling and agility without adding unnecessary weight. In achieving all these targets, and by adhering to GMA’s seven core principles, the T.33 Spider sets a new benchmark for open supercars.

Professor Gordon Murray CBE said “When drawing a car I imagine what it’s going to feel like to sit in, and how it will feel to drive. So from the first sketch I knew that, with its open cockpit and the incredible Cosworth GMA.2 V12 engine right behind you, the T.33 would deliver a truly involving driving experience that’s quite unlike anything else. And while it’s still a mid-engine supercar I wouldn’t accept any compromise on usability: this is why the T.33 is unique in the supercar sector in delivering both onboard roof storage and a 295 litre luggage capacity”.

Every single element of each car is designed and engineered according to the brand’s founding seven principles: Driving Perfection, Lightweight, Engineering Art, Premium Brand, A Return to Beauty, Exclusivity and a personalised Customer Journey.

@Gordon Murray T.33 Spider Supercar

@Gordon Murray T.33 Spider Supercar

Gordon Murray said “From the very beginning I knew that one of the biggest challenges in designing the T.33 Spider would be keeping the purity, balance and overall beauty of the T.33. That’s why I sketched both versions at the same time to make sure that the proportions would work”.

Made from lightweight carbon composite, the panels can be specified in a range of colours. To enhance usability, they can be stowed neatly in the front luggage compartment when not in use. The rear glass drops behind the rear bulkhead at the press of a switch – roof on or off – to complete the immersive Spider experience.

Seamlessly integrated into the rear haunches and opened with a button concealed under the dihedral doors, are two 90-litre stowage compartments. The mechanisms through which these doors and stowage compartments open are works of engineering art and design ingenuity – their seamless operation being vital to ensure that T.33 Spider is a truly usable supercar

The fixed section of the roof features elegant buttresses which blend harmoniously into the rear deck, behind which are louvres which further aid engine cooling. The ram induction airbox, mounted directly to the engine itself and a hallmark feature of the T.33, becomes even more distinctive on the Spider, especially when the roof panels are removed.

One of the unique interior features distinguishing the T.33 Spider from the coupe is that the rear bulkhead trim between the two seats is now body coloured. With the roof panels removed and rear glass down, this subtly enhances the feeling of openness through the exterior colour flowing into the cabin.

@Gordon Murray T.33 Spider Supercar

@Gordon Murray T.33 Spider Supercar

Just like its coupe stablemate, the heart of the T.33 Spider is the exemplary Cosworth GMA.2 V12 – an extraordinary all-aluminium powerplant is designed

The T.33 Spider, like the T.33, will have EU and Federal type approval. Every one of the 100 production examples will be lovingly hand-built at Highams Park, GMA’s all-new bespoke headquarters at Windlesham in the UK, and each will be tailored to its customer’s specific requirements.

Continuing a customer experience second-to-none, GMA has ensured that owning a T.33 Spider will be as enjoyable as driving one. Headed by a Global Aftersales team, there are five Global Service Centres in select locations around the world: USA (East and West coasts), UK, Japan and Abu Dhabi. All are staffed by expert technicians trained by GMA to service, maintain and repair these unique cars. The five Global Service Centres are supplemented by a network of 14 Service Support Centres, which are also staffed by expert technicians trained by GMA. When a customer takes their car to a specified Service Support Centre, GMA will either support the Service Support Centre or send its technicians to that centre to carry out whatever work is required on the car to the same exacting standards applied when it was hand-built at Windlesham.

These Service Support Centre locations are: Germany, Spain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia with a further six in key states of America. GMA’s network development will continue in line with its customer expectations.

@Gordon Murray T.33 Spider Supercar