The Trail Rider 4WD electric skateboard

The dream of a the all terrain electric skateboard  became reality. The Trail Rider 4WD is a modern day skateboard powered by four 850W electric motors, which can accelerate from 0 – 45 km/h in just 1.6 seconds. The Trail Rider 4WD Electric Skateboard uses a unique rocking-motion to input throttle and braking actions, making it ergonomic and intuitive to

The electric skateboards come with a high-powered Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) charger, capable of recharging a depleted battery in 2 hours. With a full load you will cover 26 km.

Gnarboards 4WD system give the ultimate traction by allowing drive-wheels to over-run each other while still providing power. The wheel with the most traction will receive the most power! That means even when some drive-wheels lose traction; any drive-wheels that still have traction are still able to apply power.

All of Gnarboards’s electric skateboards come equipped with a “dead-man’s brake” safety feature. In the event of a fall, the hand controller is pulled and released from the cable, which instantly engages the skateboard brakes. This feature prevents the skateboard from hitting a fallen rider.

The Trail Rider 4WD Electric Skateboard has a small disadvantage: its weight (39kg). How about the price tag? 6,100 dollars.