Fred Shares The Secret’s Of The Luxury Maison’s Masterpieces

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“FRED, Jeweler Creator Since 1936”, Maison FRED presents first-ever retrospective exhibition. This is more than just an exhibition about heritage, so until the end of the month, come and discover the secrets of over 86 years of creative audacity at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

FRED’s magnificent expertise and creations unfold throughout twelve themed rooms at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France.

FRED is presenting a retrospective exhibition entitled “FRED, Joaillier Créateur depuis 1936” at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris until October 24. This immersive journey brings together nearly 450 iconic jewels and objects, along with 300 archive documents from the jeweler’s heritage, private collections and friends of the Maison, culminating a passionate quest inspired by a desire to share the secret’s of the Maison’s masterpieces.

In 2019, led by Chief Executive Officer Charles Leung and Valérie Samuel, Vice-President and Creative Director and granddaughter of the founder, FRED began delving into the jeweler’s archives. This research was accompanied by an initiative called “FRED cherche FRED”, seeking out unique pieces owned by individuals. It took nearly three years to put together this exhibition, curated by professor and jewelry historian Vanessa Cron, and Vincent Meylan, editor and author of numerous works on jewelry.

The High Jewelry journey begins with the era of the famous Soleil d’Or, a yellow diamond of over 100 carats, displayed in public for the very first time. The visit continues with other emblematic pieces from the Maison, from precious stones and pearls to the celebrated gold and steel Force 10 bracelet, as well as Fredy’s figurines set with gold, pearls or multicolored gemstones. In an adjoining room, visitors also discover collaborations with artists such as Jean Cocteau or Georges Braque, as well as star turns by Fred creations on red carpets and at royal courts.

After opening with the Soleil d’Or yellow diamond, the retrospective closes with a look at the ultra-luxe world of exceptional pieces. Bathed in a quasi-celestial light are amazing treasures such as a diamond flower brooch set with diamonds and pink diamonds, or pearly marquetry evening bags, all revealing Fred’s bold creative freedom.

The exhibition also pays tribute to founder Fred Samuel with a moving “souvenir” album retracing his youth and initial steps in the world of jewelry. An eternal optimist and early member of the French Resistance, Fred Samuel embodied a philosophy shaped by joie de vivre, light and a smiling readiness to eschew convention that continues to inspire the Maison today.

Monsieur Fred, Inner Light by @FRED

Monsieur Fred, Inner Light

The new High Jewelry Collection of the Maison « Monsieur Fred, Inner Light » was revealed during the opening of the retrospective exhibition.

This High Jewelry collection has been designed as a tribute to FRED’s founder to celebrate his daring personality and his inner light. Six chapters were imagined for six expressions of Fred Samuel’s life while focusing on the icons from the Maison’s creative heritage.

Light guided Fred Samuel all his life. Infusing every part of his being, it has, in the manner of an inner light, naturally reflected on the Maison’s creativity. Singular and audacious in its variety of transformations and the ways in which it can be worn, this collection distils the essence of FRED: a glamorous signature with a casual allure, fluid lines full of life, a dazzling radiance.

These 24 creations interpreted across six chapters invite the wearer to adopt inspiring mantras, engraved on the reverse of each piece, and a life philosophy driven by daring, love, joy, courage, energy and luck. Lastly, the “Monsieur Fred Inner Light” collection introduces an exclusive new stone cut: the FRED Hero Cut which illuminates diamonds with an unprecedented 32 facets.

Monsieur Fred, Inner Light by @FRED

Monsieur Fred, Inner Light by @FRED

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