Five Award-Winning Devices for Impairment, Disability, or Biological Weaknesses

These new smart devices are the winners of 2022 Red Dot Design Award.  The products combine a timeless aesthetic with strong performance offering body optimization with  unique technical components.

The Red Dot Award is an international design competition for product design, communication design and design concepts. Red Dot Awards are some of the most prestigious awards in the design industry.

Every year, the Red Dot Award: Product Design sets out to find the year’s best products. The products selected by the Red Dot Jury to win an award may be aesthetically appealing, functional, smart or innovative, but what they all have in common is their outstanding design.

@Esper Hand by @Esper Inc.

Pioneering high-tech hand: Bionic Prosthesis – Esper Hand

The moment people no longer accept their own biological weaknesses as a given, but begin to optimise their bodies with technical components, the boundaries between artificial machines and natural organisms start to dissolve. The Esper Hand is a prosthesis for hand amputees that practically merges with its wearer by learning to predict their intended movements. To do this, the prosthesis reads the electrical impulses sent by the remaining muscle groups and translates them into finger and hand movements. The more intensively the hand is used, the better and faster it recognises the different muscle signals in order to carry out appropriate movements. The advanced functionality of the prosthesis is conveyed by the design, which emphasises the beauty of the technology in its materiality, but also makes it look very natural in its anatomical form.

What is striking about the design is that it is not only lighter and smaller, but overall also more detailed and refined than comparable models on the market. “Until now, female body shapes have hardly been taken into account in prosthetics,” says Dima Gazda, CEO and co-founder of Esper Inc. “We wanted to fill this supply gap.”

The available sizes therefore not only differ in the product dimensions, but also feature subtle gender-specific adjustments in the design. One of the key mechanical advantages of the Esper Hand is its modular design approach. It consists of only 12 modules, but these can be exchanged quickly and easily, which makes the Esper Hand predestined for individual adjustments and future updates.

“The Esper Hand achieves a comprehensive functionality that comes astonishingly close to the natural movement of the hand. Its self-learning technology makes an important contribution to enabling users to carry out everyday tasks independently. Its technically elegant appearance makes the prosthesis a lifestyle product that the user wears with confidence. In addition, the design ensures gender-specific shaping by sensitively addressing anatomical differences,”– Red Dot Design Award 2022 Jury.

Shimmer Smart Payment Device for the Visually Impaired by @Hefei LCFC Information Technology

Shimmer Smart Payment Device for the Visually Impaired by Hefei LCFC Information Technology

To date, visually impaired individuals have had to rely on screen-reading software for mobile payments. This is cumbersome and problematic in terms of privacy. Shimmer, a compact device that supports mobile payments, provides a remedy. The utensil consists of a colour display, a scanning camera, Braille buttons and a headset. This allows two scenarios to be handled: showing the payment code via the display for payment; scanning the QR code via the camera for receipt of the money. The functions are realised via a mobile phone connection.

“Thanks to its high-quality and compact design, Shimmer can conveniently be worn around the neck like a piece of fine jewellery,” – Red Dot Design Award 2022 Jury.

Hearing Aid @lewi R Li by @audifon

Hearing Aid lewi R Li by audifon GmbH & Co. KG, Kölleda, Germany/ design by gobrecht ID, Thomas Gobrecht, Gelnhausen, Germany

The lewi R Li hearing aid combines a timeless aesthetic with strong performance. The flowing organic shape of the casing nestles comfortably against the ear, while the glossy metallic surface creates special visual effects, giving the device the appearance of a piece of elegant jewellery. Adjustments made by the user with the aid of a rocker switch on one side are automatically transferred to the other side, so that both hearing systems maintain identical settings. The devices can be connected by Bluetooth to a smartphone and other audio sources, creating a smooth communication experience.

“The ergonomic contours and glossy shimmer of the lewi R Li hearing aid make it both comfortable and elegant in equal measure.” – Red Dot Design Award 2022 Jury.

Integrated support arms of toilet by @Nanjing Fukangtong Health Industry Co., Ltd., Nanjing, China

Integrated support arms of toilet by Nanjing Fukangtong Health Industry Co., Ltd., Nanjing, China

This toilet handrail makes it easier for people with walking impairments to use the toilet. The robust aid serves as a support when standing up and sitting down, regardless of the user’s height, thus minimising the risk of accidents. The support arms, equipped with a soft, non-slip material, are adjustable and pleasant to the touch. The product is installed between the toilet and the lid, takes up little space and does not damage the wall.

“The small size, convenient installation and curved shape of the toilet support arms are decisive plus points for this practical aid.” – Red Dot Design Award 2022 Jury.

Paediatric Hearing Aid @Oticon Play PX

Paediatric Hearing Aid Oticon Play PX

The everyday challenges that children face are addressed in a harmonious way by the technology and design of the Oticon Play PX hearing aid.

In order to give the best possible support to the development of children affected by hearing impairment, the Oticon Play PX is equipped with a Deep Neural Network. This technology has learned by experience to recognise sounds in the same way that the human brain does naturally. Its robust design is tailored to children’s active lifestyles and safety needs. An LED light lets parents, teachers or other caregivers know that the hearing aid is functioning correctly. A wide choice of colours – from discreet to vibrant – makes them fun to wear; the colours are biocompatible and therefore safe, even when in contact with the skin for long periods.