Félicité’s dramatic beauty – the perfect location for the new Six Senses Zil Pasyon

Six Senses Zil Pasyon, located on the private island of Félicité, is now open.


Energy from nature is a significant life force at the newly-opened Six Senses Zil Pasyon located on the private island of Félicité, the fifth largest island in Seychelles. The private tropical retreat is home to both Six Senses Zil Pasyon and Zil Pasyon Residences. Zil Pasyon residents can select from a wide option of Six Senses world-class resort facilities and services.

The resort has been designed to embrace the picturesque landscape of vibrant beauty. Expect innovative top-tier facilities wedded to environmental responsibility. There are unsurpassed vistas of the ocean and surrounding islands from the higher points on the island. Into these pristine surroundings nestle just 28 one-bedroom pool villas and two two-bedroom pool villas.

The resort is located 30 nautical miles northeast of Mahe. Guests reach the island via a 20-minute helicopter journey or a 90-minute boat trip.

The creators have placed the spa in and atop majestic rock formations close to the ocean. Until the Six Senses Spa is revealed in January, a temporary spa is dedicated to signature spa treatments for guests.

seychelles-zil-air-helicopter-arrival-felicite six-senses-zil-pasyon-located-on-the-private-island-of-felicite-is-now-open seychelles-giant-tortoise

Other facilities include an elongated infinity pool offering views of the surrounding islands with the ocean’s waves breaking over a rock wall, three white sand beaches, Trouloulou villa for youngsters, a gym with on-site personal trainer, cooking classes, treasure hunts, signature cinema beneath the stars and a library. Right off the resort’s beach, guests have the opportunity to swim with turtles and the resort’s Experience Center has all the equipment that is required for exhilarating water activities, including dive excursions around the island.
Six Senses hosts can arrange private fishing trips and visits to neighboring islands by boat, hiking in theCoco de Mer Valley, which is a popular excursion for landlubbers, or climbs to the top of the hill to Sunset Point for magnificent nightfall experiences.

There are several dining venues, with the property’s culinary team led by Chef Richard Lee. Rates start at EUR 1,200 per night inclusive of breakfast, tax and service charge.

zil-pasyon-private-residence-living-room zil-pasyon-anse-peniche-felicite zil-pasyon-felicite-island-seychelles six-senses-zil-pasyon-located-on-the-private-island-of-felicite-is-now-open six-senses-zil-pasyon-entry-to-villa-private-residence six-senses-zil-pasyon-the-spa seychelles-sister-islands-and-felicite-island guest-villa-six-senses-zil-pasyon guest-villa-six-senses-zil-pasyon