How fashion is raising awareness for mental and physical health

Tee Store x MR PORTER Health In Mind; @Mr Porter YNAP

MR PORTER drives mental health awareness and community with exclusive tee store collection.

Luxury menswear online platform MR PORTER launches Tee Store x MR PORTER Health In Mind, a capsule collection made up of 104 exclusive pieces created and produced by 18 leading contemporary and designer brands, tasked with creating pieces that reflect the brief of driving awareness for men’s mental health and wellbeing. Net profits of each piece sold during the first two weeks will be donated to the MR PORTER Health In Mind Fund powered by Movember, supporting men’s mental and physical health initiatives to help men lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

The Tee Store x MR PORTER Health In Mind collection raises awareness for mental and physical health iniatives, powering MR PORTER’s values of community, inclusivity and discoverability. Themes including happiness, friendship and pastimes were pertinent the collection, showcased through inspirational graphics, novelty designs, slogans and archival prints.

@Tee Store x MR PORTER Health In Mind; @Mr Porter

The exclusive 104-piece collection encompasses graphic T-shirts, hoodies, hats and socks in a palette of joyful colours and streetwear silhouettes from leading contemporary brands including Acne Studios, Gallery Dept., Museum of Peace & Quiet, POLITE WORLDWIDE and Sorry In Advance.

New brands to MR PORTER include Emotionally Unavailable, Fortnite Premium and Stockholm Surfboard Club.

Emotionally Unavailable designed exclusive pieces to highlight mental awareness, Fortnite Premium takes cues from the iconic multi-player universe game of the same name and Stockholm Surfboard Club is a Swedish-based brand creating surfing culture-inspired streetwear that is sought after for its tie-dye affect.

@Tee Store x MR PORTER Health In Mind; @Mr Porter

The Tee Store x MR PORTER Health In Mind capsule is celebrated through a community-focused campaign, promoting a positive message and awareness of men’s mental health, capturing organic day-to-day exchanges of self-expression and conversations between men, brought to life across MR PORTER’s social and editorial platforms.

“We are proud to have this year’s Tee Store x MR PORTER Health In Mind collection driving awareness and support for men’s mental health, an area close to MR PORTER’s heart through our content and fundraising initiative MR PORTER Health In Mind. Following the success of the past Tee Store collections, the brands this year have created something truly special, giving our customers the ability to discover and own exclusive pieces from the world’s top contemporary brands, while expressing mental health through their designs. MR PORTER has championed community from the start and we’re pleased to continue our Tee Store collection each year, giving back to those who need extra support in their lives.” – Daniel Todd, Senior Buyer, MR PORTER.

@Tee Store x MR PORTER Health In Mind; @Mr Porter