Evo R4XT: Transformation literally means going beyond your form

Evo R4 XT, the highly customized and appealing 13-metre walkaround on preview at 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival.

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Technology, design and a desire to experiment with new ways of experiencing the sea. These are the ingredients in Evo R4 XT, the latest addition to the Evo Yachts fleet.

Evo R4XT is the yacht that is opening your mind to dream bigger.

@Evo R4 XT by @evo yachts


Exactly a year after the official presentation of the yard’s flagship at the 2022 Cannes Yachting Festival, Evo Yachts is back with a new European preview: Evo R4 XT, a highly customized 13-metre walkaround. Evo R4 XT is the world’s only sport walkaround to be fitted with a totally custom multifunction stern platform, developed by @Besenzoni_official exclusively for the shipyard.

Another European preview for the Italian yard on its return to the Cannes Yachting Festival with Evo R4XT WA, the latest in the R range by Evo Yachts, a Blu Emme Yachts brand. The new walkaround builds on the best-selling Evo R4 and reflects the yard’s commitment, backed up by its designers and suppliers, to ongoing product development and offering new possibilities for its boat owners.

Evo R4XT walkaround (the second unit was launched not long ago) is characterized by a new beach area that’s absolutely unique thanks to the full-custom multifunction stern platform developed by Besenzoni exclusively for the yard based on a design by Valerio Rivellini. This tender lift transformer – unheard of until now on a 40-footer – adds an extra metre in length to the boat and enables the entire length of the stern platform to fully submerge, facilitating access to the water or piers of any height in total safety and comfort.

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The new model will be accompanied by the flagship Evo V8 and a walkaround version of Evo R4, both moored between Quai Saint Pierre and the Super Yachts Extension.

Visitors and potential owners will be met at Cannes by Gabriele del Chiaro, appearing for the first time in his capacity as Evo Yachts’ Head of Production. Having worked in major Italian yards as a production line manager for yachts over 40 metres, del Chiaro has used his know-how to revolutionize the yard’s production management and offer Evo Yachts owners even more professional and comprehensive service.

Evo Yachts will be at the Cannes Yachting Festival from September 6 to 11 – Stand QSP130 e SYE214.

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