Enata Marine’s Revolutionary Foiler Finds Additional Purpose As An Autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicle

From Jeddah in Saudi Arabia you could monitor the entire Red Sea and Gulf of Aden with Foiler USV, and it could transit from Abu Dhabi in the UAE to Salalah in Oman or Gujarat in India.

@Enata Marine Foiler USV

Enata Marine, a division of the Enata Group based in the United Arab Emirates, is making waves in the marine industry once again with its innovative Foiler flying yacht.

Known for its avant-garde design and remarkable W-foils that elevate the vessel 1.5 meters above the sea surface, the Foiler has now found a new purpose as an autonomous unmanned surface vehicle (USV). Enata Marine’s latest development, the Foiler USV, is set to offer military clients advanced capabilities while also intriguing private owners with its groundbreaking features.

The Foiler USV is built upon the existing 10-meter Foiler model, the Foiler Spirit, inheriting its outstanding traits.

With a top speed exceeding 40 knots and a cruise speed of up to 30 knots, the Foiler USV promises exhilarating performance. The vessel’s stability is further enhanced by the foils, which provide a level platform while underway and act as motion dampers when at rest, reducing reliance on gyro stabilization.

Enata Marine’s proprietary Wingman command and control software plays a crucial role in the Foiler USV’s capabilities. Not only does it handle system operations and monitoring, including the foil surfaces, but it also enables simple automated tasks without the need for additional software or systems. Moreover, the Foiler USV boasts remote control and/or fully autonomous operation options. Its remarkable agility, high-speed performance, and exceptional range of 2,000 kilometers on a single tank at a cruise speed of 25-30 knots ensure exceptional functionality.

@Enata Marine Foiler USV

This versatility is further amplified by the Foiler USV’s ability to accommodate different types of drone unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), sound and light cannons, ballistic nets, and other surveillance equipment. With the capability to undertake monitoring and patrol missions based on specific requirements, the Foiler USV becomes an invaluable asset. Operating up to sea state 5, the Foiler USV remains unaffected by adverse weather conditions, allowing for a wide operational envelope.

Alois Vieujot, Director of Enata, highlights the Foiler USV’s immense potential in coastal security and longer-range missions, citing examples such as monitoring the entire Red Sea and Gulf of Aden from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia or accessing various regions of the Mediterranean from Naples in southern Italy. The Foiler USV combines unparalleled performance, range, and handling with Enata’s intelligent Wingman software, making it an exceptional choice for diverse applications.

Enata Marine is currently in the production phase of the Foiler USV, with plans to unveil a working demonstrator in late 2023 or early 2024. This project not only showcases Enata’s technological expertise but also highlights the extensive capabilities of the proven Foiler design.

As the marine industry continues to explore autonomous and unmanned technologies, Enata Marine’s Foiler USV positions itself at the forefront, offering a compelling glimpse into the future of maritime operations. With its impressive features and potential applications, the Foiler USV is set to redefine coastal security and long-range missions, revolutionizing the way we perceive unmanned surface vehicles in the marine sector.

@Enata Marine Foiler USV