Elie Saab to unveil co-branded villas in Shams Ar Riyadh project

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With the launch of ELIE SAAB MAISON, the ELIE SAAB brand expands into luxury furniture and interior accessories collection for home and hospitality projects.

The Shams Ar Riyadh project is located in a strategic area north of Riyadh, extending over an area of more than 5
million square metres. The community features world-class shopping, dining, entertainment and cultural amenities,
as well as beautifully landscaped gardens and parks. Shams Ar Riyadh is within easy access to the city’s prime
lifestyle destinations, business centres, and top attractions.

In a unique design collaboration, Dar Al Arkan, the leading real estate company in Saudi Arabia, is introducing exclusive co-branded villas with global designer Elie Saab to be part of the Kingdom’s Shams Ar Riyadh project.

Reflecting the sophisticated elegance and exceptional detailing that ELIE SAAB is recognised for in the haute
couture world, the villas have the ELIE SAAB signature style with exquisite designs, setting a new standard for
modern luxury living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The world-renowned designer will provide the creative guidance and curate the refined design elements that
encapsulate the project. In addition to the exterior concept, the beauty of his designs will be captured and reflected in the interiors to create a seamless charm and elegant continuity across all aspects of each villa. Elie Saab will also give his artistic vision and input to the overall project to reinforce its unique, high-end living standards.

There is only limited number of co-branded Dar Al Arkan and ELIE SAAB villas, which will be privately located and
exclusively accessed by residents. Surrounded by Wadi Hanifa’s lush greenery and cool waterways, residents can
directly step out onto the wadi from their villa to experience the splendour of nature that delights the senses and
brings calm.

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“I have been working towards an architectural and lifestyle expression that translates the style of my living through the development of real estate projects and the creation of Furniture and Home collection to complement my vision. Today, ELIE SAAB has reached a holistic approach that delivers a unique and timeless experience.” – Elie Saab.

“Elie Saab is a global pioneer in design and admired for his unique and beautiful designs that capture our hearts. Through this first-of-its-kind collaboration we are bringing two major forces in the Arab world and showcasing a new level of modern design and luxury living for the customer. The partnership underlines our goal to enhance the real estate sector of the Kingdom to truly world-class standards.” – Ziad El Chaar, Vice Chairman, Dar Al Arkan.

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@Elie Saab Home Collection 2020/2021

@Elie Saab Home Collection