Buenos Aires And Mendoza Are Two Gourmet Destinations That Fully Deserve To Be Discovered and Promoted

The City of Buenos Aires and Mendoza become the newest destinations spotlighted by the MICHELIN Guide.

The City of Buenos Aires and Mendoza: A New Chapter in Gastronomic Excellence with the MICHELIN Guide.

Buenos Aires and Mendoza are about to be put on the global gourmet map like never before, as the highly acclaimed MICHELIN Guide announces its debut in Argentina. This momentous occasion marks the first time the MICHELIN Guide’s inspectors will venture into the vibrant culinary landscapes of these two cities, bestowing their prestigious recommendations upon the restaurants that truly shine.

For Argentina, this recognition is not just a nod to its rich food culture, but also a celebration of its dynamic culinary scene. As the first Hispanic Latin-American country to be highlighted by the MICHELIN Guide, Argentina’s gastronomic offerings will now receive the international acclaim they so rightly deserve.

Gwendal Poullennec, the International Director of the MICHELIN Guide, expressed the Guide’s excitement about their inaugural restaurant selection in Argentina. For some time now, their team of anonymous inspectors has been keeping a close eye on the food scenes in Buenos Aires and Mendoza, and they are eager to share the culinary wonders they’ve discovered. This momentous occasion is an opportunity for local food lovers and international visitors alike to explore and indulge in the delights that these two gourmet destinations have to offer.

The support for the MICHELIN Guide’s arrival in Argentina is significant, with the Argentinian Ministry of Tourism and Sports seeing it as a game-changer for the country’s gastronomy and tourism industries. The Minister, Mr. Matías Lammens, envisions Argentina becoming the leading gastronomic destination in Latin America and one of the most attractive in the world. With the MICHELIN Guide’s arrival, this vision takes a giant leap forward.

Buenos Aires, a bustling metropolis known for its architecture, culture, and cuisine, boasts a diverse array of dining options. From opulent palace restaurants to charming bistros, the city caters to both international and local foodies seeking novel concepts or traditional treats known as “tragos.”

Mendoza, on the other hand, offers breathtaking landscapes with the majestic Cordillera de los Andes as its backdrop. Renowned for its vineyards, wine culture is ingrained in the region’s art de vivre, making it a truly enchanting destination for wine enthusiasts and foodies alike.

The MICHELIN Guide’s methodology, known for its stringent and impartial assessments, ensures that only the quality of cuisine is taken into account when awarding stars. Their five internationally recognized criteria assess the quality of produce, mastery of cooking techniques, harmony of flavors, the personality of the chef reflected in the cuisine, and consistency over time and across the entire menu.

The much-coveted MICHELIN Stars will be awarded to the most exceptional restaurants, with each star signifying the caliber of culinary experience offered. Alongside the prestigious stars, the Bib Gourmand category will recognize restaurants that deliver outstanding quality at a moderate price, making gourmet experiences more accessible to a wider audience.

The full restaurant selection for the MICHELIN Guide Buenos Aires and Mendoza will be unveiled at a special event on November 24th, 2023, in Buenos Aires. It will be accessible in digital format on the MICHELIN Guide’s website, mobile applications, and social media platforms, providing food enthusiasts with easy access to a treasure trove of culinary excellence.

With the MICHELIN Guide’s arrival, Argentina’s hospitality, tourism, restaurant industries, and economy as a whole are in for an exciting transformation. As the world turns its attention to these gourmet destinations, they can expect a surge in visitors seeking to savor the flavors and experiences that the MICHELIN Guide has recognized as truly exceptional. So, mark your calendars for this historic moment, and let the gastronomic journey in Argentina begin!