Buckle up, Because Karma’s Electrifying Ride Has Only Just Begun

Karma Automotive revealed its new ultra-luxury vehicle lineup.

@Karma VP Global Design Michelle Christensen introduces the Kaveya, with a targeted top speed or more than 180 mph

Karma’s Electrifying Rebirth: Unveiling the Ultra-Luxury Lineup.

In a dazzling spectacle at the Wynn Concours in Las Vegas, Karma Automotive recently thrust itself into the spotlight, unveiling a lineup of ultra-luxury electric vehicles set to redefine the automotive landscape. The star of the show? The Kaveya, a full battery electric (BEV) super coupe that’s not just turning heads but promising to leave them spinning in its wake.

Leading Karma’s charge into the future is the Kaveya, a sleek and powerful super coupe available in two versions. The first, with all-wheel drive, packs a mind-blowing 1,000-plus horsepower, hurtling from 0-60 mph in under three seconds. And let’s not forget the show-stopping butterfly doors. It’s not just a car; it’s an experience. Scheduled for release in Q4 2026, the Kaveya is poised to become the flagbearer for Karma’s high-image marque.

But why wait? For those eager to dip their toes into Karma’s electric dreams a bit sooner, the rear-wheel-drive version is set to hit the streets in Q4 2025. Still boasting a formidable 536 horsepower, this variant is no slouch either, offering a taste of the future ahead of schedule.

Revero: A Timeless Classic with a Modern Twist

Nostalgia meets innovation with the revamped Revero, a signature range-extended hybrid electric touring sedan. This updated classic, set to grace the roads in Q3 2024, not only retains the charm of its 2016 predecessor but also addresses the ever-present range anxiety with an impressive 80-mile electric range. Marques McCammon, Karma’s President, confidently states, “It’s range and charge anxiety-free driving at its finest.” And who can resist the allure of anxiety-free luxury?

Gyesera: The Future Unveiled

Teasing us with a glimpse of what’s to come, Karma also introduced the Gyesera, the company’s first full BEV touring sedan. Featuring rear-wheel drive and a captivating 11.6-inch infotainment screen, the Gyesera promises to be a technological marvel. While full details are set to be unveiled in 2024, this sneak peek is enough to leave enthusiasts eagerly counting down the days.

Behind the Curtain: Karma’s Design Revolution

Driving this automotive revolution is Karma’s Vice President Global Design, Michelle Christensen, whose credentials include directing the 2017 remodel of the Acura NSX supercar. At Karma, she faced the thrilling challenge of not just designing vehicles but reinventing an entire brand.

Christensen notes the unique speed at which Karma is evolving, thanks to cutting-edge collaboration tools, team alignment, and Marques McCammon’s introduction of low-volume production techniques. In just eight months, the design team has transformed Karma’s identity into three stunning, futuristic-yet-timeless representations.

The debut of the @Karma Kaveya, with butterfly doors and targeted 0-60 speed in under 3 seconds