Brunello Cucinelli Spring-Summer 2023 Merges The Nautical World and Refined Tailoring

Relaxed, versatile and easygoing tailoring brings fluidity to the wardrobe and becomes an unexpected everyday partner.

@Brunello Cucinelli Spring-Summer 2023 Collection

Designed in Solomeo and handcrafted in Italy.

Brunello Cucinelli Spring-Summer 2023 Collection explores new landscapes of feminine elegance, mapping out alternative style territories in order to reconcile heritage with current needs, distinction with spontaneity, and everyday balance with the demands of a rediscovered energy.

In scouting out new references, different influences and sources start to merge and contrast: the nautical world and refined tailoring, adventurer uniforms and urban suggestions, noble natural fibres and contemporary syntheses, all crossed by the common thread of color.

Knitwear is characterized by a well-balanced blend of the highest-quality materials, artisanal workmanship and the elegant, luxurious and discreet style that is distinctive to Brunello Cucinelli. Knit garments display ample creativity through their use of natural yarns and are enriched by seasonal colors and refined details that instill contemporary appeal into traditional stitches.

“Thanks to refined workmanship, the virgin wool, cashmere and silk yarn offers lightness and comfort when worn, providing the right amount of protection that is essential between seasons. Our products are created in the hamlet of Solomeo and produced in Italy, with respect for people, the dignity of work and in harmony with the land.” – Brunello Cucinelli

Sartorial foundations and a feminine twist: lightweight summery fabrics, distinguished craftsmanship and informal elements come together to create outfits with ease. Designed to be worn with everything and at any time of the day, blazers in a wide variety of styles and volumes are a key element in expressing new concepts of female elegance.

@Brunello Cucinelli Spring-Summer 2023 Collection

New themes and volumes play an important role in the definition of the season’s outfits. Soft silhouettes harmoniously blend sartorial and utility elements to create glamorous, sensual and versatile styles for all occasions. Details take on an exquisitely feminine allure thanks to precious materials and embellishments. Cover is a fabric characterized by a slightly pronounced texture. The combination of cotton and linen slightly softens the diagonal pattern, giving this shirt a soft, sporty appearance.

The combination of viscose and linen gives Brunello Cucinelli’s twill a lightweight, flowing yet slightly crushed appearance. The characteristics of the fabric are further highlighted by the nuanced color variations.

Sparkle and glamourous sensations characterize the Precious clutch bag, which is entirely covered in monili – the iconic element of Brunello Cucinelli collections. Fruit of the combination of traditional craftsmanship and advanced embroidery techniques, these accessories are ideal for expressing evening elegance with a feminine and precious touch. Monili, the iconic earmark of the Brunello Cucinelli collections, consists of fine rows of brass beads plated in different finishes. The faceted edge of the beads emphasizes the shiny tones of the monili. All of the metal components are covered with precious materials which completely replace Nickel, enriching the excellence of every single detail.

The new Brunello Cucinelli SS23 Men’s collection stems from a balanced convergence of new inspirations, contemporary trends and artisan expertise. A skillful nonchalance offers a new interpretation of style and of the knowledge of tradition.

@Brunello Cucinelli Spring-Summer 2023 Collection

@Brunello Cucinelli Spring-Summer 2023 Collection

@Brunello Cucinelli Spring-Summer 2023 Collection

@Brunello Cucinelli Spring-Summer 2023 Mne Collection