Breaking Plates and Breaking Boundaries: Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY and Wedgwood Join Forces in a Hilariously Stylish Crossover

The smashing new Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY collaboration with Wedgwood has dropped

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY showcased a collection of decorative suits of armour at Milan Fashion Week 2023 that were intricately constructed from pre-loved Jasperware. These showpieces tapped into Josiah Wedgwood’s legacy as a politically active patron of the arts, a prelude to future LOVERBOY x Wedgwood capsule collections.

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The fashion world has been set abuzz by the groundbreaking collaboration between Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY and Wedgwood. Unveiled at Milan Fashion Week 2023, this unexpected partnership showcases a fusion of art, fashion, and craftsmanship, leaving audiences in awe of the innovative and transformative designs.

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY, the visionary Scottish designer known for his subversive style, took inspiration from Wedgwood’s rich history and its connection to art and creativity. The collaboration pays homage to Josiah Wedgwood, a politically active patron of the arts, and sets the stage for future LOVERBOY x Wedgwood capsule collections.

At the heart of the collaboration are the decorative suits of armor constructed from pre-loved Jasperware. These showpieces, meticulously crafted from repurposed vintage jasperware pieces, captured the essence of Wedgwood’s iconic ceramic material. Each suit of armor was a unique masterpiece, adorned with Charles Jeffrey’s distinctive graphic and illustrative style. The pieces were hand-glazed and featured an abstract paint technique, bursting with vibrant colors that exuded a sense of radical change and artistic expression.

The collaboration also extended to a limited-edition collection of pre-loved Jasperware pieces. From urns to pin trays to tea cups, each item was transformed into a canvas for Charles Jeffrey’s expressive artistry. These one-of-a-kind pieces showcased his unrestrained abstract paint technique and unique style, breathing new life into the cherished Wedgwood ceramics.

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Adding yet another dimension to the collaboration, Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY created a series of ten hand-drawn illustrations. Inspired by the collaboration’s spirit and energy, these illustrations embodied the artistic vision shared by the designer and Wedgwood. Together, they formed a powerful narrative that merged art, fashion, and music.

To amplify the collaboration’s impact, a music video was filmed at the Wedgwood factory in Barlaston, Staffordshire. In the video, Charles Jeffrey, joined by Robert Fox and Tom Furse, presented a mod-inspired musical revolution. The band, dressed in sleek LOVERBOY suits and sporting edgy black hairstyles, arrived at the factory as their alter egos. Their mission was to infuse Wedgwood with a post-punk jingle, symbolizing the brand’s embrace of radical change and its dedication to becoming a creative hub for artists.

Creative Director Alice Bastin expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Throughout its illustrious history, Wedgwood has opened its doors to many revered artists. Art and creativity have always been at the core.” She believes that Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY’s multidisciplinary approach, reflecting freedom of expression, optimism, and authenticity, perfectly complements Wedgwood’s iconic jasperware.

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For Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY, collaborating with Wedgwood has been an incredible journey that allowed the fusion of music, art, and craftsmanship into a transformative experience. The designer’s ability to upcycle pre-loved jasperware breathed new life into these cherished pieces, infusing them with his unique touch and vibrant, expressive energy. Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY expressed gratitude to Wedgwood for providing a platform to push the boundaries of art, music, and design, resulting in something truly extraordinary.

The LOVERBOY x Wedgwood collaboration is a testament to the power of artistic collaboration, breaking down boundaries and creating new narratives. It represents an innovative and mutual exchange between two creative forces, resulting in a collection that challenges conventions and captivates audiences. The fashion world eagerly awaits future LOVERBOY x Wedgwood capsules, which promise to continue this artistic revolution and redefine the intersection of fashion, art, and craftsmanship.

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@Wedgwood x @Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY