Beauty Trend Report Reveals Shift to Natural Hair Color and Hair Health

@Perfect Corp. Reveals the Top Hair Color Trends around the World in New Global Beauty Trend Report.

How the consumer hair trends have evolved over the course of the pandemic.

Perfect Corp., the leading artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, released its latest Global Beauty Trend Report, “The 2022 Top Hair Color Trends Around The World: A Global Analysis of Virtual Hair Color Try-On Data from YouCam Apps”, revealing the biggest consumer hair trends and hair color preferences. The report analyzes big data sourced from Perfect Corp.’s award-winning YouCam suite of apps, which currently has over 1 Billion downloads globally. The YouCam suite of apps features thousands of AR and AI-powered hair and makeup filters and products that consumers can try on virtually. The report focuses on big data sourced from nine key regions including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and China.

During the pandemic, consumer hair routines evolved significantly. With lockdowns and social distancing measures in place, consumers stayed at home and embraced low-maintenance hair routines, opting to grow out their natural roots and nourish their hair with self-care regimens. Consumers also turned to online channels and AR-powered virtual try-on tools for hair inspiration during the pandemic. Perfect Corp.’s newest Global Beauty Trend Report reveals that even as pandemic restrictions are eased, these hair trends have persisted. The report highlights top consumer behaviors and hair color trends including:

A surge in the popularity of natural hair colors, as rich brunette tones experience a significant increase in virtual try-ons globally;

An increase in silver hair color try-ons as consumers continue to embrace low-maintenance routines and celebrate their gray roots in trendy new ways;

The continued popularity of vivid tones, as consumers seek to experiment and play with hair color in fun ways;

A spike in virtual try-ons during the spring and fall months, as consumers seek out hair color inspiration ahead of the winter and summer seasons;

A new focus on hair health, as consumers embrace natural hair color shades and caring routines that will preserve the hair’s condition and minimize damage;

The need for AR-powered virtual hair color try-on tools, as consumers adopt digital-first mindsets and seek out virtual try-on tools as a way to feel confident about their next hair transformation;

The growing role AR technology is playing in driving sustainability in the hair color industry, as brands ditch hair bundle color swatches in favor of digital alternatives;