Bang & Olufsen Offers Cryptoart By Some Of The Most Prominent SuperRare Artists

Bang & Olufsen and SuperRare in new NFT art collaboration.

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Bang & Olufsen builds upon it’s premiere entry to the NFT universe, the DNA Collection, by announcing a partnership with SuperRare Labs, the leading curated NFT marketplace for unique digital artwork. The collaboration with SuperRare Labs will explore the NFT marketplace’s groundbreaking RarePass initiative, offering collectors an unprecedented opportunity to acquire a premium collection of cryptoart by some of the most prominent SuperRare artists in a single transaction.

As part of the partnership, Bang & Olufsen will become a RarePass holder and use the opportunity to offer all RarePass holders a unique digital artworks from Bang & Olufsen’s DNA Collection.

With a shared vision of connecting creators and culture with technology, Bang & Olufsen and SuperRare are aligned on continuing to build a broader community across the digital and physical worlds in a way that can enhance the intersection between technology, music, and art; @ Bang & Olufsen DNA Collection

The collaboration is representative of the boundary-pushing and future mindset that has been at the heart of the heritage brand since its founding in 1925. As a RarePass holder, Bang & Olufsen can collect up to 20 artworks by cryptoart’s most recognizable NFT artists including Pindar Van Arman, OSF, Anne Spalter, Matt Kane, Coldie, Hackatao, and XCOPY.

This announcement follows the launch of Bang & Olufsen’s DNA Collection – 1925 digital collectibles is built around three of Bang & Olufsen’s iconic products – the Beogram 4000 turntable, the Beosound A9 and the Beolab 90 speakers. It also features a brand-new digital product design, The Beoverse Alpha, a conceptual boombox that has been designed for use in the Metaverse. Apart from the digital collectible, holders of the DNA NFT will receive a metaverse 3D model of their NFT and will have the opportunity to exclusively purchase a token gated physical, limited-edition Beosound A9 speaker with artwork from the collaborating artists: Hackatao, Thomas Lin Pedersen, Shavonne Wong, RAC, and Gramatik & Luxas.

“With our first NFT collection, we are embracing the fast-growing Web3 art and music scene by re-envisioning our legacy to create objects that become both design classics and collector’s items. Sharing the vision of connecting art and technology in new and innovative ways, SuperRare Labs is a natural partner for our brand,” says Bang & Olufsen SVP & Head of Business Development and Brand Collaborations, Christoffer Poulsen.

In celebration of the partnership RarePass, DNA Collection holders and the general public are invited to visit the Bang & Olufsen Flagship Showroom in SoHo during April’s NFT Week in New York City. Artworks from both RarePass and the DNA Collection will be on display throughout the week (April 11 to 15th).

@ Bang & Olufsen DNA Collection

Bang & Olufsen announced a new partnership with Scuderia Ferrari for the 2023 Formula 1 season.

In addition to Bang & Olufsen’s logo featuring on the cars driven by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, Bang & Olufsen will work closely with Scuderia Ferrari to create best-in-class Formula 1 fan experiences. These will take place at Scuderia Ferrari’s facilities trackside at the Formula 1 Grand Prix races as well as globally across Bang & Olufsen branded stores.

According to Bang & Olufsen CEO Kristian Teär, the partnership with Scuderia Ferrari marks another important milestone for the company and its ambition to deliver magical moments to customers worldwide.

“Bang & Olufsen is built on innovation, exceptional craftsmanship and world class performance and we are fuelled by a passion to create magical moments for our customers. The second you get in touch with our brand, we want that moment to be magical, luxurious, and timeless, and we believe that Scuderia Ferrari is the perfect partner to build these moments for music and Formula 1 fans alike”.

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