Are there any luxury air filters or are they all the same?


The Purpose of an Air Filter

Air filters have a lot more purpose than you may have thought. For all that dust that we can’t seem to get rid of, an air filter could be the answer. The filter’s structure does much more than preventing dust from entering your home. You will find it stops mold, pollen, fibers, pet dander, and more. The filter takes the unclean air and turns it into fresh, clean air.

This is especially important when bringing a new baby into your home or family members with respiratory issues. You may have a family member with a compromised immune system, and you are always looking for ways to prevent them from getting sick. Cleaner air can help keep all the family healthier. The filter not only protects your family but also keeps your HVAC system free from damage.

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Types of Air Filters

There are many different variations of the air filter, and each one has it’s advantages. Starting with fiberglass, this one comes in as the most affordable. This type is useful for users who want to keep their HVAC safe and don’t require it for house members.

Pleated filters are a suitable option for all the family as their pleat-like structures made from cotton or polyester are very effective at keeping out the dust, and other contaminants. The more pleats the more effective the filtering.

Washable ones are not only good for you but also the environment as there is less wastage. The key benefit that they save money, as all you do is remove them, wash, dry, and put them back. Just be mindful by allowing them to dry before putting them back.

Electrostatic uses a charge of electricity to keep the dust and unwanted particles from entering your abode. Some of these filters may be washable.

Hepa guarantees 99.97% ability to screen contaminants, important for those family members suffering from allergies or respiratory difficulties.

UV Filters are good for fighting against microorganisms, which are potentially harmful to your health. Their ultraviolet rays work to kill bacteria and viruses throughout the home.

The most effective air furnace filters will range from a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) from 8-13. The higher the MERV the more you will get out of it. Most homes won’t require the MERV to be higher than 13.

Are Expensive Filters Worth the Money?

When looking at all the options, you may think the more money spent, the better the filter will be. The more money invested does not guarantee a more effective filter. You need to verify that it is a MERV of 8 to ensure a clean house.

How does filter replacement by mail work?

Now you’ve read all about filters, you’re probably wondering which one to choose. Buying filters just got a whole lot easier. Simply pick the size of and what you suits your home. This will then lead you to a list, including dust, pollen, pet dander, etc. You then select how many you need in each pack, and we do the rest. This also means you don’t need to worry about when to change your filter, as it arrives and then you know it’s time. For more information on how to order yours go to