6 Top Places in the World to Live

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Some of us know exactly where we want to live, we’ve thought about it long and hard, and perhaps even started putting our plans into motion.

However, others may feel that urge to start out some where new, but simply aren’t sure where.

Moving abroad can be an incredible adventure, allowing you experiences you’ve only ever dreamed of. If you’re in need of some relocation inspiration, then check out six of the best places to live.

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1) Canada

Canada frequently ranks highly on checklists of the best places to live. Canadians enjoy a great quality of life, free health care and education. Canada also prides itself on its liberalism, boasting high rates of immigration and tolerance. Plus, the legendary politeness is always a bonus!

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2) Singapore

Singapore is one of the safest places in the world to live… and also the cleanest! You won’t find litter in streets, or accidentally step in chewing gum!

This beautiful Republic has seen expansive growth, making it one of the most interesting and visually stunning places in the world.

However, it’s far from the cheapest places you can relocate, and the humidity might take you some time to acclimatise to.

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3) Portugal

Portugal is considered to be one of the best places that you can retire to – continually ranking highly on the International Living Retirement Index.

But really, Portugal has something for everyone, from beautiful landscapes for the country lovers, to bustling cities where you can get that apartment living lifestyle from expert estate agents such as Property Lisbon.

So, whether you fancy soaking up the sun on the beaches of the Algarve or seeing the lavish Lisbon sights, Portugal has it all.

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4) Scotland

Scotland, with its stunning highlands and vibrant cities will make for an incredible new adventure for anyone.

Edinburgh, specifically, is another frequent entry to best place to live rankings. This iconic city is steeped in history, with the architecture to show for it.

Plus, if you don’t mind crowds, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the perfect place to immerse yourself in culture. Accommodation prices skyrocket during these three weeks, so living in the city is the perfect solution.

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5) Denmark

If you’re after quality of life, then Denmark should be pretty high on your list of places to consider. Social trust – the trust residents have in their institutions – is high, and the country prides itself on its free health and education services.

In fact, Copenhagen is often considered to be one of the happiest places on earth… no matter what Disney try to tell you! With bikes outnumbering cars, the city has taken going green to the next level.

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6) New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its laid-back way of life, with workers easily achieving the perfect work/life balance.

There’s so much to explore in this small country, and with the overall friendly atmosphere, you’ll never want to leave.

Have you relocated to the country of your dreams?

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