5 Summer-Friendly Bottoms to Help You Stay Cool


Whether you’ll be enjoying the pleasant summer weather locally or going on a trip to a warm country, it’s important to wear clothes that will keep you cool. This way, you won’t feel hot, sticky, or be so sweaty that it’ll feel uncomfortable to engage in different fun activities such as sightseeing, going on a picnic, or playing sports.

When choosing the right outfits for the summer season, it’s best to look for tops and bottoms that let air pass through the textile so your sweat dries up faster and you feel cooler. Also, wearing shorter bottoms ensure your legs can benefit from the summer breeze. This is why denim shorts and mini skirts are popular choices for the summer. However, these garments aren’t appropriate for dressier or more formal occasions like business meetings or a summer wedding. Fortunately, you have plenty more options to choose from. Here are some summer-friendly bottoms that will help you stay cool and comfy while being appropriately dressed for different occasions.



During summer, many women like wearing shorter skirts and dresses because the cut allows their legs to remain unconfined by thick layers of cloth. However, not everyone is comfortable exposing their bare legs in public and some may have to conform to a dress code. In such cases, wearing tights underneath the skirt provides a modest and stylish alternative. Tights are skin-tight leg coverings that go over your toes and are worn over the waist. This garment is commonly constructed from elastic materials such as Spandex or Lycra, giving them a lightweight and stretchy quality. Also, tights come in different colors and thicknesses or deniers. You can choose from sheer ones that mimic the look of skin and opaque tights that provide enough coverage to be worn alone like regular pants.

For example, if your summer trip involves a few business engagements, you can create a warm weather-friendly professional look. Wear black opaque tights under your dress or skirt rather than wearing a pantsuit made from heavy fabrics. You can also use tights to enhance your summer outfits by getting brightly-colored pairs and wearing them under your pleated short skirts along with white canvas shoes and a cropped top for a fun look.

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If you’re looking for bottoms to complete your casual outfit, consider getting a pair of skorts. They provide the trendy vibe of wearing a short skirt while minimizing the risk of accidentally exposing your underwear. Skorts allow you to enjoy an active lifestyle like a pair of shorts would, but the skirt overlay gives your outfit a more feminine touch. Also, skorts are great to bring along with the rest of your summer travel wardrobe. They are compact enough to pack into any size of luggage and can be paired with many tops and footwear.

Skorts come in a wide variety of colors and designs but if you want a truly versatile piece, get a pair of plain white skorts. You can use them to play sports like tennis, go on a picnic, or for a fun night out. They also look stylish with sneakers or heeled espadrilles.

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In case you want bottoms that go beyond your knees but aren’t as long as full-length pants, capris are another pair of summer-friendly bottoms. These garments are longer than most shorts yet aren’t too long that they cover your entire legs. Since capris reach your mid-calf, they give a good compromise between wearing shorts and pants, as you can enjoy feeling the breeze on your legs while keeping your knees and thighs fully covered.

Additionally, capris come in different styles and fit. For instance, you can find a snug pair of capris that’s perfect for casual wear and light outdoor activities like a leisure stroll in the park. These casual bottoms are also comfortable to wear when you’re traveling by sea. You won’t have to worry about skirts or dresses being blown up by the ocean breeze while you stay cool under the summer heat.

On the other hand, a tailored pair can be worn with a dressy blouse for a summer night out. This kind of outfit allows you to look more put together. Tailored capris are also ideal when you’re sightseeing because they often have a loose structure and don’t stick too close to the skin, letting air pass through so you don’t feel too warm. At the same time, they will look amazing in your travel photos.

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If you want to wear pants during summer, one good option is a pair of culottes. These trousers feature wider leg holes and are usually made of softer and lightweight materials. Due to their flowy structure, culottes are perfect bottoms to wear in a warm-weather country. The garment also feels airy and very comfortable.

You can style these bottoms in different ways. If you want to achieve a relaxed look, simply pair the culottes with sneakers and a shirt and you’re ready for your summer explorations. If you want a dressier alternative that’s equally easy to assemble, wear culottes with a cotton blouse and wedge sandals. In case you need to attend work activities during your summer trip, you can still appear sharp and professional by wearing your culottes with a light blazer and pumps. This ensemble will certainly help make you feel confident without breaking a sweat.

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Linen Pants

Linen is a popular fabric for summer-friendly garments due to its loose weaves that let air pass through, which keeps your body cool. As such, it’s the best textile to get when you are looking for a pair of summer pants. Since they commonly feature slight creases, linen pants are practical bottoms to pack during your summer trip. These pants don’t need to be freshly ironed to look good. Instead, the subtle wrinkles add to the garment’s relaxed charm.

Typically, linen pants come in white or cream. These hues make them perfect to wear during summer as the season is all about light and bright colors. Also, linen pants are great bottoms to wear if you’re attending a beach wedding as they can be dressed up with a tunic or a linen top while keeping you cool and comfortable. But you can also find linen pants in black that you’ll enjoy wearing from day to night. Just pair them with a tube top and some leather sandals and you’re good to go.

Many of these summer-friendly bottoms are quite versatile as you can pair them with many different tops and footwear. They can also be easily worn on different occasions whether you need daytime outfits for certain activities or fancier nighttime ensembles. So if you’re looking for other bottoms apart from casual denim shorts, make sure to consider the choices mentioned above. These garments won’t just help you stay cool but also very stylish all summer long.